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Why choose Ultius for your custom reflective essay?

Ultius writers create reflective essays that accurately reflect, or look back, on any aspect of a subject’s life

Ultius writers know that a reflective essay is meant to evoke an experience or situation from that made you really think about things or improved your view of reality in a meaningful way. When writing a reflective essay, it is important to walk the line between getting too sappy on the one hand and getting to vague on the other.

Elements of a reflective essay

Ultius writers understand reflective essays

  • Explaining details
  • First person voice
  • Understanding the art of reflection
  • Making the story relatable

Essay Specialists

Essays from Ultius always include

  • 275 words per page
  • References/works cited page
  • Editorial review
  • Work 1-on-1 with your writer

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The order process begins with submitting your order: fill in all the specifications on our form. You can provide information to your writer about the general subject of your reflective essay and the specific details that you want included in the essay. You can also provide notes about angle or tone.

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At Ultius, we ensure that you are receive full support for your order, from placement to delivery. We have a dedicated support team that can help make sure that your writer understands what you need to reflect in the details for your reflective essay, along with the tone you want used in the essay.

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  • How do I submit my essay details to a writer for a sample?

    We have a custom order form that you can use to submit all your details. You can specify that you want a reflective essay, and you can also provide further details about the specific parameters of your order. This information will be immediately available to your writer before he/she is matched with your order. You will also be able to upload files to provide further clarification for your writer.

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These are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the reflective essay. If you have further questions that haven't been addressed here, then we would love to help out. Please reach out to our support team, and they can give you personalized responses for your specific concerns.

Previous examples of reflective essays written by Ultius writers

Before you place an order for a sample reflective essay, perhaps you would like to see some of the work that have writers have done. These essays were written strictly for sample purposes, and they have never been sold to any other customer. When you order a reflective essay from us, you will be the only one who ever has access to it.

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Want more samples? Check out our free samples page or use our site search.

These are kust a couple examples of reflective essays that have been produced by our writers. These and more example can be found on our company blog.

Components of a phenomenal reflective essay

Reflective essays are more about details, descriptions, and contemplations as opposed to proving a thesis

Reflective essays encourage you to think through and explain what you learned from visiting that place, meeting that person, or having that experience. They are deeply personal pieces of writing that allow you to share something important to you with your audience and explore how it has affected you as a person.

  • 1Reflective essays are creative nonfiction personal essays that require you to reflect, or look back, on some aspect of your life


    They can be about places you have been, people you have met, or experiences you have had


    Ultimately, with a reflective essay you are trying to persuade the reader that the person, place, or experience you are writing about is of significance.

    What is reflective writing?
    Reflective writing collects personal thoughts and opinions to achieve clarity and understanding. Reflective writing does not give instructions, take sides in an argument, or explores research.
  • 2Reflective writing includes description (what, when, who) and analysis (how, why, what if)


    It requires that you do more than just remember and retell an event, but instead deeply explore and analyze your experience


    In reflective writing, the goal is to explore some aspect of your own life so that you can convey it in a convincing and relatable way. Ultimately, you are trying to persuade the reader that the person, place, or experience you are writing about is of significance. Often, the act of reflection results in more questions than answers.

    You can and should utilize different modes of writing and language in your reflective essay. Descriptive writing tells what or how something was done using vivid detail. Explanatory writing explains why or how something was done. Expressive writing communicates how the author thinks or feels about a topic or event.

  • 3The art of reflection


    Reflection is the act of processing and responding to experiences, situations, events or new information


    Reflection is a continuous cycle of thinking and learning centered on an individual experience. In other words, the reflective thinking process starts with you. Before you can attempt to analyze the words and ideas of others, you must identify and examine your own thoughts.

    The Art of Reflection
    The steps to get the most out of reflection include: creating, remembering, understanding, analyzing, applying, and evaluating.

    Reflective thinking aims to help you recognize the value of your own experience guide you to becoming an active, aware, and critical learner. The process of reflection includes: remembering, understanding, analyzing, applying, evaluating, and creating

Key steps of writing a phenomenal reflective essay

There are three key steps involved in producing a reflective essay: prewriting, writing, and finally editing and revising

In the case of the reflective essay, your prewriting will include choosing a topic, remembering the details, reflecting on your experience, and pinpointing the lesson you learned.

Step 1: Prewriting

Every essay requires prewriting of some sort

Choosing a topic

The best way to choose a topic is to brainstorm. To do this, simply get out a pen and paper or open a new document in your word processing software and begin listing whatever people, places, and experiences that come freely to your mind.

Brainstorming Techniques
Start with a free-write and idea map to choose three important thoughts connect to your subject, then use the three points to create an outline.

Remembering the details

Once you have a list of potential topics, you can start to narrow them down by practicing active remembering. Choose three topics, perhaps one from each section, and create a mind map of everything you can remember about them. It may be helpful to close your eyes and try to relive the experience.

Reliving your memories of these people, places, and/or events in your mind and jotting down the details about each one will help you decide the best topic to write about and will give you a starting off point from which to start writing.

  • Who was there?
  • What exactly happened?
  • When and where did it take place?
  • Why do you think it happened in the first place?
  • How did the experience make you feel?

Reflecting on your experience

While reflecting on your experience includes remembering the details, reflection is a deeper and more involved process as seen in the “Art of Reflection” graphic seen earlier.

Pinpointing the lesson learned

The final prewriting step is pinpointing the lesson you learned from your experience. This is really one of the primary goals of the reflection process itself: to learn and grow as a result of our experiences.

You’ll want to think about and explain your thoughts, opinions, and perceptions before the experience occurred and compare them with how your perspective changed after the experience.

Step 2: Writing

Now you’re ready to begin writing. Your reflective essay will include three main sections: introduction, body, and conclusion


Your introduction should be interesting enough to pull the reader in. Introduce your topic and give the audience a reason to keep reading. Describe the experience in a sentence or two and outline its effect on your life (or the world) without giving it all away. You want the reader to keep reading until the conclusion, so include only a few the main details (who, what, when, where, why, and how), not all of them.


The body will contain a more detailed description of the experience as well as the bulk of your reflections. Use adjectives to describe what you saw, heard, smelled, and felt. Include what you were thinking at the time the event took place. Narrate what happened and who was there, describing them briefly. The body should also include the effects of the incident.

How did the experience change you or the world at large?

It is also in the body where your realizations or reflections should be written. Your realizations are your thoughts before, during, and after the experience. Having completed the prewriting steps should make this a breeze. Focus on the positive and/or negative effects of the experience. What lessons did you learn? What did you gain or lose as a result?


Finish your reflective essay with a summary of your experience, realizations, and thoughts. Restate the lesson you learned and relate it to the bigger picture. Rely on thoughts and opinions, not facts. Leave the reader with something to think about or relate to their own life in some way.

Step 3: Revising and editing

The final step is to revise and edit your reflective essay

You’re almost finished! Read your essay aloud (or have a friend or relative read it to you) and see if you can catch any flow issues or other glaring problems. Title your paper creatively without giving away the topic.

Run a spelling and grammar check on your word processing software. Check that your tense is consistent—it is best to use past tense since this is a reflection about an event that has already happened. Make sure you wrote in first person (“I”, “me”, “my”, and “mine”).

Additional help and resources

By now you should understand the basics of reflective essays. They are creative nonfiction personal essays that revolve around a person, place, or event and your reflections on it. Make sure to check out our writer help section if you need more assistance.

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