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The Democratic and Republican Parties within the United States are probably more polarized today than they have ever been in modern memory. According to some studies, party identification within the United States is a more important predictor of values and behaviors than demographic factors such as race and gender (Westwood et al.). The politics of division The purpose of this sample political essay provided by Ultius is to critically evaluate the history of partisanship within the United States. The essay will have five main parts.The f...
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The culture shock factor of transitioning from high school Making the transition from high school to college can be an exciting period of a young person’s life. It can also be a rude shock resulting in failure if you are unprepared or overconfident.College classroomsSource: Centre  The classrooms, campus size, and how classes are taught in general, are some of the biggest contributors of “the freshman myth”.The phenomenon known as the “freshman myth” in reality, is the lack of realistic expectations and preparation...
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Writing can be one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. The modern Internet age has opened up all kinds of avenues for ambitious people to pursue a career in this area. Getting a book published is also often seen as sign of credibility with some other professions as well. In fact, many of the professional writers that work with Ultius are published authors themselves. Many aspiring entrepreneurs have a desire to write and publish a book to support their other endeavors. Short of writing a full book, many professionals with expertise in th...
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Lately, there has been a large amount of talk about impeaching current President of the United States, Donald Trump. Is this possible, and what does impeachment mean? It should be observed that impeachment is possible, but it is a largely political matter. This means that it depends a lot more on which way the wind is blowing than on the specific facts at hand, unless those facts become so egregiously damning that no one can ignore them any longer. What is the likelihood Trump is impeached? Impeachment is not actually a legal matter. As Andre...
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In order to meet with academic success in high school or college, it is important for the student to develop good study habits. This sample essay provided by Ultius will consist of an overview of some such habits. The essay will discuss four specific study habits that students should adopt in order to optimize their academic performance, and it will also discuss one study habit that students should avoid at all costs.  Study habit #1: Turn off your phone Productive studying requires concentration: you need to think deeply about what you ...
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Deciding to go back to school as an adult older than the traditional college student is an exciting and challenging endeavor. This demographic of college students has been on the rise for decades as the demand for employees with higher education increases with it.Most students who choose to further their education later in life have many responsibilities already occupying the majority of their time. With more bills and financial responsibilities than almost all traditional college students, those who go back to school after some t...
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The increasing need for anti-plagiarism software Plagiarism is being caught at increasingly alarming rates in today’s world. This is of utmost concern for those who are in a position to maintain accountability with intellectual property, or academic integrity. After all, plagiarizing has never been easier than it is today, with the ability to copy and paste entire works spanning the vast Internet. This blog will detail the theoretical foundations of plagiarism. It will also discuss the mindset of students in today’s world, in which everything...
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The question of whether writing could be automated through the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) reaches the heart of what imagination and creativity are for humanity. AI is developing with increasing speed, impacting our daily lives in more and more ways. How humans will deal with the development of AI in the future is yet to be seen. Deep Learning is expanding the potential for machines to mimic human thought patterns with increasing speed and accuracy. The developing neural networks and capacity of big data soon may offer real com...
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The significance of dark matter In the field of astrophysics, dark matter has emerged as an important concept. It is called "dark" because it has yet to be detected, and no one yet knows what the stuff really is. The purpose of the present sample essay is to explore the significance of dark matter. The essay will begin with a general overview of the concept. Then, it will proceed to consider the scientific implications of dark matter. Finally, the essay will reflect on how the idea of dark matter could perhaps open up new vistas to the imagina...
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If you aren't a fan of the X-Men franchise, you may not know that Logan is the actual name of the X-man, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). Logan is the final chapter in the saga of Wolverine, with a recent line of films that have both focused on Wolverine as part of the X-Men team and followed his own personal story. This sample movie review discusses how Logan is like no superhero movie you've ever seen before; it breaks most of the conventions of the genre. The result is an emotional cinematic experience that has much greater human depth than an...
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