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Women are underrepresented in the field of engineering and technology in many ways which have highlighted systemic inequalities in education and preparation. Engineering and technology jobs are some of the strongest growing markets today, and women’s presence is needed to secure balance and support in innovation of new technologies. In 2015 women were present in 57% of all professions, but only represented in 25% of computing occupations. These statistics become extremely stilted when adjusting for minority women. With the new push to prepare ...
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What is the Ivy League? The Ivy League is comprised of eight private colleges and universities in the northeast region of the United States. Though it was originally founded as an athletic conference, it has since come to refer to the schools in a wider context outside of sports. The group’s name has come to suggest a certain elitism in academics, admissions selectivity, and social status. Schools in the Ivy LeagueBrown University Columbia University Cornell University Dartmouth College Harvard University University of Pennsylv...
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Within the context of the contemporary economy, it is becoming more and more common for people to work for themselves and make a living in nontraditional ways. Nicholas Lemann of the New Yorker has characterized this as a shift from the organization man paradigm to the network man paradigm: "Work is already becoming more temporary, sporadic, and informal, and this change should be embraced. Many more people will become entrepreneurial, if not entrepreneurs. The keeper of your career will be not your employer but your personal network." Freela...
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Finding the perfect college city With so many great colleges to choose from in America the hunt for the perfect fit continues to grow more complex. This list of the top 10 college cities covers an objective overview of the criteria which make a college city outstanding. Whether campus night life, or getting your geek on is your thing, you can use this list to hone your view onto the perfect college city for you. The criteria 1. Safety index: The most frequent types and number of crimes committed in the past year. 2. Cost of living: The medi...
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Many parents have always had at least some level of choice when it comes to educational options for their children. The public school within the neighborhood, of course, is the default option. However, parents who can afford it also have the option to send their children to a private school. And with modern technology, yet another option now exists: the online school. The concept of the online school does not refer to an adult taking a class online from a university. Rather, it refers to a full curriculum for children that can be delivered thr...
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It was roughly 25 years ago, that a bank in Colorado carried a whopping $500,000 worth of Weatherby rifles and shotguns in a special vault for customers choosing to open a 20-year CD in lieu of interest payments. It was quite the bargain for residents of the town who lived, breathed, and canceled school for the opening of deer season. A bank giving away firearms for business? This may seem preposterous to most people, especially now, in 2016. With a basic background check and an investment in their bank, North Country Bank offered its customers...
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It may be common knowledge by now that television shows have lately come into their own as the premier medium for people who are looking for quality creative content. There are actually so many TV shows out there now, and so many new ones being made at such a rapid pace, that Jethro Nededog of Business Insider has reported concerns within the industry that we may be close to the point of "peak TV." In the meanwhile, you probably know from your own experience that we're in something of a golden age of television. Definition: peak TV—the idea th...
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Infowars is a somewhat popular source for political news within the contemporary United States. What is less clear, though, is whether it deserves this kind of following. The purpose of the present sample critical essay provided by Ultius is to conduct an overview and critique of Infowars. The essay will begin with an overview of Infowars as such. Then, it will proceed to consider Infowars' perspective on the shooting at Sandy Hook as a case study of the kind of perspective that Infowars provides. After this, the essay will turn to a discussion...
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When you are applying to get into college, the admissions essay will be one of the most important parts of your application process. The admissions essay is an essay in which you have the opportunity to showcase who you are, and why the college should specifically accept you, as opposed to all the other applicants who are trying to get in as well. This article will cover the following points about the college admissions essay: Purpose of college admissions essays Process of writing an essay Examples Tactics for stimulation Original...
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Churches in the United States have been able to receive tax exemption since the last nineteenth century; even before it was written into law, many of them experienced such privileges already anyway. During the American Revolution, nine of the original colonies were providing some form of tax relief to their churches. In 1777, tax exemption for churches was formally written into Virginia state law. Should churches be exempt from paying taxes? New York followed their example right before 1780 and the United States Congress made it a federal law...
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