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When you are applying to get into college, the admissions essay will be one of the most important parts of your application process. The admissions essay is an essay in which you have the opportunity to showcase who you are, and why the college should specifically accept you, as opposed to all the other applicants who are trying to get in as well. This article will cover the following points about the college admissions essay: Purpose of college admissions essays Process of writing an essay Examples Tactics for stimulation Original...
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Churches in the United States have been able to receive tax exemption since the last nineteenth century; even before it was written into law, many of them experienced such privileges already anyway. During the American Revolution, nine of the original colonies were providing some form of tax relief to their churches. In 1777, tax exemption for churches was formally written into Virginia state law. Should churches be exempt from paying taxes? New York followed their example right before 1780 and the United States Congress made it a federal law...
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The problem of climate change By now, almost everyone has heard about how global warming and climate change. This refers to how the Earth gradually heating up over time, and how this phenomenon could have potentially catastrophic effects for the human species in the near future. When you hear the phrase climate change, though, your mind probably goes straight to politics. The fact of the matter is that while many respected scientists agree that climate change is very real, climate change is still a point of debate for the general public. Many ...
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One of the main reasons that anyone wants to go to college after high school is to improve their economic prospects. It is commonly accepted in today's society that if you have a college education, you will have a much better chance of having a successful and well-paying career over the course of your life, than if you do not have such an education. One important question to consider is: what are the top colleges, in terms of the size of the paycheck you can expect to earn upon graduation? This article will explore this question for you; more ...
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What "unemployment" actually means Unemployment in the United States is a measure of the percentage of the population that does not currently work or contribute to the economy. It measures people who are able to work but are jobless, who have been looking for work for a minimum of four weeks, and workers who can be expected to be recalled from layoff.  Employment can be affected by a number of factors, including demographics, competition, education, and the economic climate. Generally, the unemployment rate can be expected to increase du...
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When you're making the decision of what college to attend, there are probably two main considerations on your mind: location, and price. The first question is, do you want to stay close to home, or is there a new city or another part of the country you would like to explore? And the second question is, will your college choice be relatively affordable, or will it financially strain your family beyond their means, as the cost of a quality education continues to rise. The East Coast, including New England, is where some of the best (and not to m...
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Immigration, which was once viewed as a means to a new beginning for many, has today, become a major point of contention in the United States. America used to be a country that opened its arms to those seeking refuge from oppressive conditions, or for families wishing to gain access to the American dream. Wherever they may come from, there are a host of reasons for foreigners wishing to relocate to “The Land of the Free” in pursuit of a better life.  This article will discuss the challenges of immigration in America, from taking in the ti...
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The United States is currently in the middle of a crisis regarding opioid addiction. Nora D. Volkow, writing for the National Institute on Drug Abuse, has indicated that as of the year 2012, there were a total of about 2.1 million Americans were abusing prescription opioids, and that another 467,000 were addicted to heroin. These numbers are startling, and indicate that opioid addiction should be treated as a serious problem affecting the health of many people within the nation. The term opioids refers to a range of drugs that share a common c...
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The energy infrastructure of the world today still relies heavily on fossil fuels, particularly crude oil. Anyone dependent on driving a car or taking the bus to work is already all too aware of this fact. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, also known as OPEC, is a key international body whose members are nation-states, and are the top producers of oil within the world. OPEC is responsible for regulating the production, price, and sale of oil across its member countries. This article will consist of information, and an in-depth...
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Writers everywhere are familiar with the phenomenon of writer’s block and the frustration that it inspires. Writer’s block is a slow in the creative process, when a writer fails to produce any new work of quality or, in some cases, anything at all. To combat this, ancient Greeks and Romans would seek inspiration from a muse. Others would pray for divine intervention to keep motivated. While most experience bouts of writer’s block that are limited to struggling to come up with original ideas, it is not unheard of for a writer, even very famous a...
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