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When it comes to offering writing services, the writers are not just the producers, they are the product itself. Great writers are the heartbeat of Ultius and we make sure not to forget it. Being an Ultius writer means having access to a wide variety of orders and working with customers from around the world. We handle all of the technical stuff like payments, customer support, marketing and editorial support. For writers interested in earning a great living through contracted employment, few platforms besides Ultius offer the amenities, professional support and career advancement opportunities that we have.

Benefits of writing for Ultius

Today, freelance writers have plenty of choices for using their skills and talents to earn compensation. There is no doubt about that. However, one should consider the differences between different writing websites and how they are operated. Here are just a few brief reasons why writers choose Ultius.

American Company: We were created in America and only hire American staff members. This includes writers, phone support representatives, editors and managers. Many freelance writing websites are based in other nations.

Competitive Compensation: While other writing sites may offer higher payouts, we found that many of these companies have not created feasible and sustainable long-term business models. Our writer payouts are above market rates and surely pay more based on your experience and tenure with the company.

Writers earn between $8 and $25 per page according to a sliding scale. The main criteria for determining writer payouts are deadline, required writer level and subject matter. If you are an urgency writer, then you can receive a higher payout through working with our editors directly for making sure that the orders are completed on time.

Consistent Order Volume: Ultius receives many customer orders every day, including Christmas and Thanksgiving. Not many other writing websites can compete with the amount of order volume that we get and writers have access to. Additionally, we have various internal writing projects that writers can take part in.

Scale: Ultius is a large company and offers amenities that are beneficial for writers: HR department, dedicated 24/7 support team, dedicated 24/7 editing staff, thorough help sections and more.

Supportive Managers: Our managers love building strong, enduring relationships with loyal writers.

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