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Hire Expert Writers

We take pride in having the most competent writers on staff. This factor differentiates us from our competition and we proudly boast it. While most other services utilize writers from third world countries, we only hire American college graduates that have undergraduate and professional degrees. Many of our writers even have Master level or Doctoral degrees. 

We are confident that no matter what kind of writer you are looking for, we have the perfect fit for you. Browse through our "writers" pages or our vast variety of writing services to get a better understanding of how we can help you with all of your writing needs.


Who Are Ultius Writers?

If you are wondering who our writers are, don't worry as we have the answers. Ultius writers are all freelance contractors with professional degrees from top American colleges and universities. Many of them have professional degrees and some even have law degrees. They come from all over the country and are skilled veterans of the trade. Most of our writers have worked with us for years and have a solid track record of completing different types of essays. Generally, most of our writers are between the ages of 23 and 30 and work with us in order to help them pay their bills. 

How do you find your writers?

We find our writers through various online channels: blogs, Craigslist, Indeed and other job boards. Since they are all freelance writers, they have other websites they write for. In many cases, writers come to us through one of our many recruiting methods. If a writer is looking for a reputable writing site to work for, they will look for ones that are credible, American based and have a track record of paying their writers on time and a fair amount. Luckily, we do just that. In order to find the best writers on the internet we have to be competitive in terms of our pay and treatment towards their own needs.

Writer Training Process

When a new writer is hired, we put them through our rigorous training program. This means passing a series of online examinations that are designed to test them for overall competency. While not every writer passes our course, the ones that do end up doing extremely well in our eco-system. Below is a general breakdown of how we hire and train our writers:

  1. Hiring: We screen their resumes and conduct a personal phone interview to make sure that they are American and pleasant to speak to. Because customer service is an integral part of the Ultius company culture, we make sure to double-screen for that one.
  2. Sample Paper: All of our newly hired writers have to write a sample essay based on instructions that we provide them. This makes sure that they are authentic and can produce a well-written document "on demand."
  3. Training Process: Writers are then funneled into our online training process where they have to study material, take exams and earn online certifications. After they do, they get access to our online order portal where they can see available orders.
  4. Intro Period: During the initial period, we let our new writers take 1-2 orders so they can get the hang of it and improve their style to better meet our needs.
  5. Training Complete: If the writer has shown a sufficient understanding of our system and has completed a few orders successfully we let them continue on their own. 

While this process is rigorous and time consuming, it does give us the most talented writers that we can find. Many foreign (non-US) writers apply but are respectfully turned down because they do not meet our hiring requirements. Unfortunately, this is one of the toughest parts of having an American writing service: we turn down hundreds of writers on a monthly basis. We strongly believe that when it comes to providing the best possible end-product to our customers we have an obligation to make sure that we don't compromise on our hiring standards. After all, the most skilled writers need little oversight and are generally happier to make a higher per page payout than other websites. 

Lastly, continuous improvement is a major portion of our writer training process. We have a team of editors that oversee final orders on a 24/7 basis. When a writer completes an order, it is first edited for context, grammar, spelling, organization and adherence to instructions. We use this editing process to provide a layer of oversight and improvement. Many times, the editor sends the writer draft back to them in order to fix some minor mistakes. This process allows writers to learn more about our specific writing style and standards that we use. In this portion, some writers decide that the position is not for them. Either way, this allows us to fine tune our writer pool so that only the most capable ones end up sticking it out with us. 

Types of Ultius Writers

At Ultius, we have different designations for writers based on what their core skill sets are. For instance, some writers are very good at writing quickly (such as for tight deadlines) while others are slower but more skilled when it comes to specialty topics. In either case, we have fine-tuned our hiring strategy to be able to accommodate for these different types of consumer needs. 

Specialty Writers

While most writers are comfortable with just about every paper subject and discipline, some orders require the writer to have a very specialized understanding of a specific topic. In this case, we hire and rely on some specific writers to handle those orders. For example, not every writer has a strong understanding of more difficult topics such as biology. In that case, we would need to assign the custom order to a writer who has a strong background in that discipline. Luckily, we keep a handy list of which writer specializes in certain disciplines or subjects. This allows us to better fine tune the end-product for the customer who has placed an online order with us. These specialty writers usually earn more per page as a result of their special skills and talents. Also, some writers who start out as writing more "generic" orders get promoted by being given access to more difficult orders. This is entirely based on that writer's performance and ability to deliver on tight deadlines without compromising the overall quality of the writing. 

Urgency Writers

Some of our most skilled writers are known as urgency writers because of their ability to write orders very quickly. For instance, if a customer needs a ten page sample research paper on the death penalty written in eight hours, not every writer is capable of producing the best work on that timeline. For that reason, we continuously screen and promote writers from within to be eligible for our urgency queue. This enables Ultius to be able to fulfill urgent orders with the best possible quality. Not every writer qualifies for this position and some that try it end up quitting because it is too stressful for them. We truly understand the pressure and anxiety that comes from having to write quickly, so we do our best to offer online tools and resources so that they can be as productive as possible. 

The Ultius Writer Advantage

If you are considering using our service and wanted to learn more about our writers, we hope that you found the answers that you were looking for. We care deeply about the staff and writers that we hire and take great pride in saying that we have assembled a truly competent team of people. Customer who use Ultius' writing services get these core advantages with our writing staff:

  • Thorough writer screening
  • Extensive training
  • Support and online resources
  • Continuous improvement and feedback

So, if you are considering other writing services just know that there are very few companies willing to go the extra mile to keep a highly motivated and talented team on call for completing difficult orders with just a moment's notice. 

If you did not find what you were looking for, please feel free to contact us and we can find the right writer for you. 

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