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Legal Documents

Read various legal documents regarding our policies, procedures, privacy, trademarks, DMCA and other important topics. Use the provided resources to contact the correct office. Please note that these policies generally apply to customers and the public; there are additional policies for writers on the Ultius platform that are not listed here.

Email legal@ultius.com


Ultius, Inc., a Delaware corporation, serves a wide eco-system of customers, writers, vendors and consultants. Because of that, our policies must adhere to various jurisdictions and locales. The following legal documents encompass the majority of consumer-related concerns. The policies that govern our business change from time to time and we generally include a modification date to indicate that. When we make major privacy or terms related changes, we will send an email to the impacted parties.


Core policies

The following documents represent our core legal policies and generally impact customers as well as public visitors to our web properties.

Terms and conditions

Posted 16 February, 2015

By using our website, you agree to a set of terms and conditions that govern our services and web properties. Learn about our core policies.

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Privacy policy

Posted 18 August, 2018

When you use our website, Ultius collects certain information about you. Learn about the information we collect and how we use it.

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Platform, service, and order policies

When you place an order on our website to connect with a writer, you agree to additional policies that relate to cases involving the following: revision requests, writers being unavailable and limitations on how the service can be used.

Revision policy

Posted 16 February, 2016

When placing an order on our website for custom writing and editing services, you are subject to our revision policy for getting your final product edited or changed after it is completed.

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Fair use policy

Posted 20 March, 2016

By using our services, you agree to abide by our fair use policy. This policy offers guidance on how our products and services are meant to be used - responsibly.

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Writer availability policy

Posted 12 July, 2016

When you request a specific writer on the order form, there are limitations and we cannot guarantee that the requested writer will be available.

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Financial transaction related policies

Transactions processed on our platform are subject to financial policies that are designed to be clear, honest and straightforward. We also take a strong approach to protecting your financial information with our unique identity theft prevention approach. Please read the following policies carefully before placing an order.

Refund and cancellation policy

Posted 9 February, 2017

While we try our best to satisfy all customer requests, circumstances may lead to a refund request. If you would like your transaction refunded, please read our refund policy to see general limitations and if the order qualifies.

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Ultius Identity Verification (UIV)

Posted 13 December, 2016

For the protection of your financial information, Ultius has policies and procedures related to orders placed on our website that pass a specific dollar amount and/or order inspection protocols. Learn more about how UIV works and how we protect your personal financial information.

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DMCA and protected marks

Ultius values the work of artists, publishers and rightsholders. If you own content and see it published on our website without your permission, we have a DMCA procedure that involves a formal takedown request. We also have various legally protected marks either registered or in process with state and federal copyright/trademark registration offices.

DMCA copyright notice

Posted 2 December, 2014

Because of the extensive amount of content on our website, we provide a way for rightsholders to request content removal requests from our website. This policy reviews the procedure for such requests.

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Posted 22 October, 2018

Ultius, Inc. holds various trademark and service mark registrations with states and federal governments. See the recorded filings for the Ultius logo and other intellectual property we own and protect.

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Writer and applicant resources

The following documents apply to potential applicants and past writers. Ultius is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and does not practice discrimination when hiring employees to work for the company. If you are a past writer, get all the tax related answers you need and get in touch with us if you have additional questions.

EEOC notice

Posted 8 December, 2014

Ultius is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, genetics, disability or other discriminatory factors.

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Writer tax information

Posted 25 October, 2017

If you are a past writer and have tax related questions for any year, read this section to access general information, FAQ and a dedicated tax support channel.

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Legal contact options

If you would like to contact Ultius regarding a specific legal matter, please email legal(at)ultius.com for general questions or concerns. If you would like to file a DMCA complaint, please follow our outlined DMCA policy and procedure. All formal legal notices must be sent to our dedicated legal contact address (below).


Legal mailing address

Ultius, Inc.
1201 Orange St, #7038
Wilmington, DE 19899

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to process formal legal claims via phone and certain types of requests cannot be processed via email. If your inquiry requires communication via mail, we will inform you. When contacting our legal team via email, please note that while we will try to address your concern as quickly as possible, it may take up to three to four business days.

Replies to written requests via mail may take upwards of thirty calendar days, depending on the nature of the case.


Other legal notes

Ultius, Inc. reserves the right to update its various policies and terms without formal notice. In cases where we make major updates that dramatically impact our customers, writers or other interested parties, we will send an email outlining those updates and how they impact you. While we do publish the date when each policy is updated, we make no claim and guarantee that the date is accurate. Finally, Ultius is committed to providing the public with important information regarding topics such as government data requests, DMCA complaints and other internal governance. We publish this data in our annual transparency reports. Make sure to check this page for a snapshot of our future updates.





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