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Explore the benefits of buying sample expository essays

Expository essays are a unique genre of writing that employ information investigation, evidence assessment, idea illumination and argumentation. It is a specialized form of writing that is not for the faint of heart! Those seeking sample expository essays have numerous choices from which to select, but not many options that pay laser-like attention to the architectural rigors of the craft. With the Ultius Marketplace, in addition to getting the expository essay construction right, you gain the added convenience of the unique company culture at Ultius, interacting with a reliable and skilled support team, and being matched with distinguished writers who are 100% certified native English speakers.

In an effort to provide a top notch user experience, we provide a variety of amenities to ensure that your venture is a phenomenal one. Features you can come to expect include free revisions, an editorial team that will review your requirements and ensure the final product is consistent with your request, vigorous security, originality guarantees, the convenience of a mobile-friendly site, and completion by your deadline.

Free amenities bound to every expository essay order

All expository essay purchases come with an assortment of free amenities. Ultius offers an exclusive free revisions policy should you find that your essay needs modifications once your order has been submitted for your review. We make sure that your final product matches your instructions and meets with your approval. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Further, we have a top notch support and editorial staff that is available 24/7 to attend to your orders, questions, concerns and urgent requests. We protect your purchase by verifying that your model expository essay is 100% original by utilizing Copyscape. If your essay does not meet Copyscape’s rigid standards, we do not send your writing out.

Convenience: Full functionality, unmatched support

Ultius offers convenience at your finger tips with its top-notch mobile friendly interface. Take advantage of our streamlined user experience and buying process on our enterprise-class platform. The placement, management and review of your model expository essay can be performed on the go. Our awesome 24/7 support means your concerns are addressed on-demand and conveniently, by live chat, text, email, or by phone. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. Deadline adherence is the highest order of business throughout the entire ordering process at Ultius.

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Ultius expository essay writers and their quality

Ultius writers are talented, skilled, certified, American writers who are native speakers and understand the complex nuances of the English language. Our stringent hiring process is uncompromising and limits those selected to write only to the very best. Ultius expository essay writers have access to a comprehensive library of resources, and are given the most up-to-date information on the craft. We have an amazing mix of subject-matter experts and writers who are fluent in a full spectrum of subjects and expository essay styles.

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  • Experts in hundreds of expository essay subjects;
  • Authorities on all academic citation styles: MLA, APA, CMS, Turabian and more;
  • Subject-matter gurus in your discipline.

Professional editors review all orders for quality and adherence to your instructions.

Ultius is trusted, verified and secured

Don’t just take our word for it! We have hundreds of verified reviews from trusted third-party sites written by customers just like you, who purchased our expository essays and were happy to spread the word about how useful it is to own a model essay. We pay attention to our reviews and respond to each and every one. We have been accredited and maintain an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Our site is monitored by McAfee SECURE everyday to ensure that your private information is protected. As global leaders in matching consumers with expert writers, we are trusted authorities with happy customers in over 42 countries. What do we do? We provide access to high quality expository essays for reference, professional editorial reviews, and 24/7 help when you have questions.

Purchased expository essay reviews

The advantages of ordering an expository essay sample from Ultius

Looking for help with your expository essay? We completely understand. Expository essay writing is not for the faint of heart. While you weigh the options of purchasing your model expository essay from Ultius, you should also consider the benefits that are built in to every custom expository essay our writers compose. Our writing services help you to organize your thoughts and to focus on the most important aspects of your subject matter. Of course, our services save you time, so that you can invest your precious hours focusing on the details of completing your project. A model essay provides you with an honest framework to help you stay on point, identify relevant sources, remain organized and present an authentic, well-thought out document.

Our expert writers write for a living, which means that they have years of expertise to assist you with your expository essay and any questions that you might have. The Ultius platform was created to help you connect to experts with which you would normally not have access. Finally, utilizing a third-party service like the Ultius Marketplace will ensure that the writing aspect of your academic or business life is draped in quality and the excellence you deserve.

Reclaim time with an Ultius expository essay order

Ultius has a pool of experienced writers at your beck and call. Your schedule...your time! At Ultius, we fully appreciate the rigors of both academic and professional life. There is so much to be done. There is so little time. Your brain feels overwhelmed, not to mention you are probably exhausted. Time management is critical, and the Ultius process serves to remove a difficult aspect of your day from your plate. Model essay writing services from Ultius will save you from the heavy lifting that comes with expository essay writing.

Every pertinent order detail is itemized and a checklist is created to ensure that each constituent part of the directions is completed. Model expository essays save time because they provide guidance on sources, key issues and proper citations. Allowing experts to relieve your frustration by preparing a comprehensive example of how to accurately format references and citations is a weight off of anyone's shoulders. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have an extensive, well-structured essay to use for future reference and your next writing project.

Expository Essay Quality Checklist
Purchased expository essay - quality checklist

Professional expository essay writers: Order proficiency and subject-matter expertise

Should you risk finding an expert essay writer on Craigslist? What if they take your money and shut down their ad before delivering your purchase? You have probably read the headlines about doing business and hiring services from Craigslist. What would you do if it happened to you? Think of the time you will have wasted as your deadline approaches and you have no results, and the money you will have lost, as well.

Ultius is the preeminent provider of a platform that connects consumers with world-class freelance writers presenting extensive writing help and expert expository essay writing, worldwide. We have a force of expert writers at our disposal - trained veterans and subject matter experts, ready to provide you with the level of expertise you need.

Feed your future when you order your expository essay model from Ultius

The reason people attend higher education or commit to a professional career is to ensure that their future becomes as bright as it can be. Ultius can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your academic or business future. Our expository essay writing service will ensure your writing is competitive with that of your peers and colleagues because you’ll have a cornerstone of reference that you can count on throughout your career. You will have time to plan and prepare for your advancement, your performance history will be stronger, you will be ready to accept more projects, and your confidence in doing so will be through the roof.

You are investing in your future through careful consideration and planning, why not invest in the outcome by investing in Ultius.

Featured samples of expository essay orders

There is no need to take our word for the level of quality and expertise you will receive. We, at Ultius, recommend that you take a look under the hood to see exactly what we have to offer. Below you will find examples of our work. We publish writing samples daily so that you can see the level of quality that goes hand-in-hand with every order. Listed below are writing samples from the Ultius company blog. The only difference is that these samples are written with the intent of a) addressing issues and topics of global importance and b) showcasing the exemplary work of our freelance writers. Keep in mind that your sample expository essay would be written with the exact level of complexity or simplicity that you require.

Expository Essay on the Brussels Terrorist Attack Blog
6 Pages · MLA Format · 14 Sources
On March 22, 2016, Brussels was hit with the worst terrorist attack in its history. Two coordinated explosions occurred within minutes of each other. The bombs detonated at opposite ends of the Zaventem Airport passenger check-in areas. Arabic shouts were heard, prior to the explosions. Victims running to escape the first bomb, ran into the second bomb at the other end.
Bernie Sanders' Campaign: An Ultius Sample Expository Essay Blog
6 Pages · MLA Format · 7 Sources
Bernie Sanders, a two-time U.S. senator from the state of Vermont, is a Democratic candidate for the Presidency of the United States. He was elected to the U.S. Senate, after serving as congressman for sixteen years. He is received by supporters and the media as a true outsider, but this only relates to his ideology; Sanders has years of political experience which bolsters his credibility.
Sample Expository Essay on Violence against Law Enforcement Blog
6 Pages · MLA Format · 7 Sources
Police brutality has a long history of discussion in the American panorama, but receiving much less scrutiny is the subject of violence against the police. The subject plays easily against the backdrop of backlash against police brutality, as well on its own, as an independent phenomenon. This essay explores the history of the matter, its nuances and examines statistical data to determine if it is a paradox on the rise.
Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women in Canada Blog
6 Pages · MLA Format · 7 Sources
Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMCP) are conducting a study about murdered or missing Aboriginal women. Venomous crimes are being committed in Canada against Aboriginal women, at a rate far exceeding crimes committed against other Canadian women. The RMCP has determined that between 1980 and 2012, 1,017 Aboriginal women have been murdered, while 1,181 Aboriginal females have been reported missing.
Model Ultius Expository Essay on Fukushima Blog
6 Pages · MLA Format · 7 Sources
The Fukushima Daiichi disaster is one of the world’s worst natural disasters in history. Recently, executives responsible for the disaster at the plant were faced with charges. This action is extraordinary, and is a harbinger of a new standard for unacceptability of reckless behavior and poor cleanup technologies. The indictment was determined by a citizen panel, which is a high profile component of the legal system in Japan. The panel is similar to grand juries in the U.S.
Sample MLA Expository Essay on Mobile Phone Malware Blog
5 Pages · MLA Format · 7 Sources
Malware is a problem that has consumed a variety of technologies, almost as fast as they are launched. This is particularly true for mobile phones. This expository essay examines the history of malware, why malware attacks occur, which mobile phone are the most susceptible to malware attacks, the prevailing malware viruses affecting the normal functioning of mobile phones today, and the sociological implications of the issue.

Additional help for your expository essay

Ultius is your home for the best writing samples and a wealth of writing guides and resources to help you achieve your writing goals. Even if you do not want to buy an expository essay model from Ultius, we have all the informational supplies that you need to make certain that your writing journey is a successful one. Take advantage of our years of writing expertise so that you know what a quality end-product looks like. Review the vast Essay Help section of our website so that you can examine the essay writing process for yourself. Utilize our excellent tools and explore our best practices, so that you can rest assured that you have everything necessary to complete the audit process.

Organizing ideas, crafting a thesis and using best practices

Expository essays are a different kind of creature. In an expository writing project, your reader is expected to have no awareness of the topic in advance, so it is your job to fill in the reader with all the information that they will need to walk away from the essay well-informed.

First, the author introduces the topic by providing characteristics and features central to the concept. The characteristics and features are then supplemented with examples that support the essay thesis statement. Details are provided that further contribute to the depth and richness of the information. For example, when writing about a roasted coffee bean, you would not only identify its shape and color, but you would also add information about its texture and its aroma. When your audience has finished your expository essay, they might want to order a Starbucks. If they do, then you know you have done your job.

Another important part of an expository essay is the definition of terms and ideas. It is important that your reader be provided with the terms that clarify your work. For example, if you are talking about the fiduciary duty owed by a member of the board of directors, you would ensure that you define fiduciary duty and even board of directors. No stone is left unturned (or undefined).

Further, using rhetorical devices is central to expository essays. Rhetoric is the use of devices to add persuasiveness and meaning to the writing. It is definitely tricky and is often not implemented properly by novices. Misapplication of rhetorical exposition can cause a writing to miss the mark.

Key elements to a comprehensive expository essay

A. An Exhaustive Description

Rich description of your topic is a key component in the expository essay. It is very important for you to provide adequate details to answer questions that might be asked by all of the senses, for example, how does the Chihuahua look? What is the Chihuahuas’ size? What is the Chihuahua’s temperament? How does the Chihuahua compare to other canines.

B. An Inviting Expository Essay Format and Structure

Another key component of expository essay writing is ensuring that it contains the proper format. All essays include the following: an introduction, a thesis, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Each of these sections also has a format that is chronological in nature, so that comprehension is easily accomplished by the reader. Writers often find themselves staring at a blank page when it comes to effectively structuring an essay. Buying a research outline can help alleviate the difficulty of “building” your essay’s foundation.

C. Eloquently Making Your Exposé

Expository essay writing includes the use of rhetoric. Rhetoric requires awareness of linguistic choices made. We pay attention to these choices of linguistics because the purpose of rhetoric is to persuade or change the perspective of another. If you were writing about sexism, your goal might be to explain what it is, but when engaging in rhetoric, you are attempting to persuade the reader that sexism is bad. When the person walks away from your writing, they will fully appreciate your point of view on the subject. Rhetoric use can be difficult, but it is crucial to the success of your writing.

D. What and Why? Answering Your Audience’s Questions

Expository essays need the writer to show the reader the relationships between cause and effect, and provide the reader with possible solutions to problems. For example, if the writing is about the flu, the writer can demonstrate cause and effect by mentioning that the flu is caused by a virus. The recipient of the virus contracts the illness when a person sneezes, or if they touch an infected item, such as a telephone handset. One of the effects is that the person will remain ill for at least three days. Effectively identifying your audience will make highlight the evidence presented in your essay resonate more with your readers, making winning them over a little easier.

Creating all-inclusive expository essays - Best practices

Writing expository essays require time and attention to detail. It is important to follow specific steps to ensure that the writing is formatted and articulated precisely. Ultius writers are familiar with these techniques, because it is what they do every day.

Expository Essays: At a Glance
Understanding and following the proven steps of the writing process helps all writers master the expository essay.
Elements of an expository essay.


Expository Essay Production Guide

1. Create Your Expository Essay Topic

Select a topic that will be appealing to your audience and is also something that you are interested in writing about. Some strong topics for an expository essay include:

  • Harassment
  • Immigration
  • Democrats vs Republicans
  • Terrorism
  • Discrimination
  • Police Brutality vs. Police Victimization
  • World War 2 and the Holocaust
  • The NRA and Gun Violence

2. Identify Credible Evidence to Support Your Expository Essay

It’s important to identify to your audience that scholarly, credible material has been written about the subject matter. Comprehensive expository writing often requires that it is supported by reliable, legitimate research. Make sure that you identify the requirements for your expository essay within the overall scope of your project by accurately evaluating your research sources. When scholarly research is not required, writers often turn to relevant news and magazine articles as their sources.

3. Determine a Strong Thesis Statement for Your Expository Essay

Decide on a thesis statement, which states your essay’s main idea, and also reflects your opinion or judgment about the subject. Selecting the thesis may be one of the most difficult parts of your writing. It is important to clearly state your main idea and add your unique perspective. If it does not have your point of view, it is not a thesis statement.

For example, think of a criminal courtroom where there is the prosecutor for the state, and the defense counsel for the defendant. In a case where everyone knows that the defendant killed a man, that is the main idea, but what makes the main idea a thesis are the two points of view that each attorney holds.

The prosecutor says that Davis is the killer and he should get the death penalty. The defense attorney says that Davis is the killer, but his actions were self defense. Both attorneys have the same main idea, but what turns the main idea into their thesis, is their point of view on Davis’ culpability.

4. Build From the Ground Up

After reviewing the material, create an outline of subtopics that help to support your thesis statement. If your topic is Terrorism your subtopics might be:

  • Terminology
    • Origin of term
    • Definition
  • History of terrorism
  • Types of terrorism
  • Motivation of terrorists
  • Domestic terrorism
  • Religious terrorism
  • Perpetrators
    • Non-state groups
    • State sponsors
    • State terrorism
  • Connection with Tourism
  • Funding of terrorism
  • Tactics used by terrorists
  • Governmental responses to terrorism

Ancillary references and other essay resources

Remember, there is no golden ticket or secret formula to writing an outstanding expository essay. However, if you’re passionate about your topic and committed to supporting your thesis, you’ll find the important aspects of your project falling into place. Shortcuts such as EasyBib or EndNote can be helpful and resources like the Purdue Owl and the APA Style Blog are invaluable to an essay writer. Most importantly, though, always ask for help when you need it. There’s a plethora of writing resources out there to help point you in the right direction of becoming a strong writer.


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