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Looking to buy a case study sample? Ultiuswriters have written hundreds of model case studies for clients around the world. And the best part? Each order they write is custom-tailored to your specific instructions.

In 2010, Ultius was founded by college students for college students. American college students. And since then, we’ve helped thousands of people attain their goals. Before ordering your custom paper from our company, we recommend watching a couple videos to get to know us a little better. You can also check out our homepage to find out just how easy it really is to do business with us. There’s a reason why we’re globally known as the best academic style content writing service on the Internet!

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Case Studies: What Exactly Are They?

You may be wondering what exactly a case study actually is. 

In many instances, case studies are no more than simply highly specified essay papers centered on an individual person, issue, or organization. Just like a research paper, most case studies require you to prove a central thesis; this is actually a necessary aspect of college writing that you should be sure to note while crafting a rough draft or outline for any project you write.

However, unlike argumentative essays, case studies are more utilized to simply describe a person or group of people thoroughly without offering the same verbose commentary as their counterparts. While you should still work a centralized argument or thesis statement into any case study you write, it is prudent that you understand that case studies should not be nearly as opinionated as other documents. If you buy a case study to base your work off of from Ultius, you can see that when properly written, these documents tend to require giving detailed information about a subject without offering many comparisons or similarities to other related topics.

Case studies are a very important aspect of business writing. More often than not, you will need to write case studies on economics, business and finance. In these instances, you will need to specifically target an organization’s internal leadership, marketing and advertising methods, managerial finance techniques and revenue stream among other things.

Thus, these documents are generally assigned to ones to make them hyper-focus their writing around a specific organization, group, or person. By doing so, one can gather a tremendous amount of data and concrete detail pertaining to the “case” they are writing about, allowing for insightful commentary after processing the information in the report. So if you choose to buy a case study to use as a reference from Ultius, you can be sure that the document you receive will be excellently written and well-researched; proper research is crucial to the success of these documents, so let our professional staff of writers help you out!

Types of Case Studies

Some fields of case studies to help individuals better understand an organization’s problems or context. Here is a list of some majors that you may be required to write extensive case studies on:

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Business Management
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Political Science

Whether you decide to buy a research paper or a custom case study to use as reference material from Ultius, we will make sure that your order is given to a writer that specializes in whatever field of study your order resides in. That’s the beauty of doing business with us: we truly care about your success and go above and beyond to make sure that you receive original content of only the highest quality.

How to Write a Case Study

To begin writing your next case study, it is imperative that you first identify exactly what you are studying. While this sounds simple, many customers often run into challenges when writing case studies because they fail to articulate their main specification and focal point of study accurately and succinctly.

When writing a case study, you must first gather information on the topic you are writing about. If you want to buy a case study on Apple, Inc., for example, you will need to provide the writer working on your order with some of the necessary research you would like the study to encompass.

To first outline who or what in Apple you would like to study, a well-written case study should address things like the company’s leadership and financial goals. A perfectly good case study can be written on different eras of Apple’s company history, so be sure to take that into consideration as well (your document may focus on Apple in the Steve Jobs era or it may specify the recent transition CEO Tim Cook had, and how the company has succeeded in the last year).

For most businesses, case studies are written on a year to year, or even quarterly basis. This is done to acquire all the financial information possible while writing a review. 

Still wondering what’s the difference between a case study and a quarterly report? Or simply research?

For one, to properly write a case study, you must consider that you are trying to prove some type of point through your examination of whatever you are writing about. This is the main difference between case studies and their report counterparts: they rely on the author providing some small degree of commentary and information about the topic. Again, using Apple as an example, a well-written case study would wrap up a conclusion that suggests how the company can better move forward or in what ways the company has succeeded most.

Case studies are also used in the political science field. You may be asked to write these projects to identify or report on a foreign country’s government, so if you lack the expertise to do so, it may be in your best interest to buy a case study from our site. 

Topic and DescriptionView

Case Study on Sonic Drive-In Restaurant

Sonic Drive-In Restaurant is a throwback to the diners of old, and this case study explores the ways in which Sonic has effectively utilizes its unique branding to find commercial success in the food industry.

Case Study on Samsung Electronics

This paper is a sample case study of Samsung Electronics, one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers and distributors.

Case Study on Best Buy

This is a sample case study of the famous electronics provider Best Buy.

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For example, researching and writing about the North Korean government is a popular case study topic in contemporary political science. In these documents, students are often asked to identify the facets of North Korean leadership and governance, as well as the country’s military and economic strength. Having an excellent understanding of these subtopics will yield a great case study. So, if you are in need of additional research or information to properly write your next project, buying a model of a case study will better help you craft your work. Remember, the point of a case study is to give encompassing information and brief conclusions to others, things rooted in factual evidence, not an opinion or hypothesis.  

Buy Case Study Sample from Ultius

Some of our newest clients often wonder why so many customers choose Ultius to assist their needs. But after they place an order they quickly understand why we are the trusted provider of academic style content solutions for clients worldwide. Soon after ordering your first document, you too will begin to comprehend just exactly why you should continue to use our services; our company is heads above the competition!

Here is a short list of just some of the reasons why you should buy case studies from our company:

American Writers

Ultius was started by college students. And not just college students, American college students. While other document writing companies boast of their writers having Masters and Doctoral degrees, they don’t mention that their degrees were from online programs and even unaccredited universities from foreign countries. That’s a big thing to leave out!

We believe that you deserve better. Ultius only employs native, U.S. based college graduates, all of whom graduated from large, four-year colleges and universities. Some of our writers are also teachers and professors themselves. In fact, over 25% of our staff have graduate degrees to their names.

So if you are looking to buy a case study for reference and you want it done correctly, use Ultius. Our team of writers have experience delivering the best academic style content in the industry.

Technologically Gifted

Aside from only employing American writers, Ultius also offers customers a better online experience than any other of our competitors. Unlike other cheaply built and technologically inferior sites, our website is easy to navigate through and makes communicating with the writer assigned to your order a breeze. And most of all, it is backed by some of the best security software on the market. Should you use Ultius to buy a case study sample, you will not be disappointed in how easy ordering with us actually is.


Ultius writers don’t simply gather sources from random Internet websites; they only use academic style and peer-reviewed journal articles to write your documents. Order with us and have the comfort of knowing that thorough research will be done to complete your work, and that our writers will not resort to cheap, illegitimate sources as concrete detail.

If you are looking to buy a case study, you probably know that these papers require a lot of underlying research. Our writing team has been researching topics for students on organizations and individuals for years and you can be sure that we will apply the same knowledge to your work.

After using us once, we’re confident that you’ll come back to buy research papers and other essays and term papers that you can use to reference to your own work.


If you have ever used other writing services, you may notice that many of them charge extremely high prices. We price our documents as fairly as possible, lower than many of our competitors who pay outsourced, uneducated foreigners to complete your work.

There are also plenty of online websites that offer cheaply written essay samples at an extremely low cost. For that reason alone, why choose anyone else but Ultius? We have worked really hard to give customers the most value for their money.

You’ve been warned: don’t use websites that prey on one-time users and could care less about your success. Doing so might seriously hamper your results that you are looking for.


In addition to only using sources of the highest quality, we also cite all of them correctly. When you buy a case study example from Ultius, you can be sure that it will be cited perfectly. Our writers are very familiar with MLA, APA, and CMS (Chicago Manual of Style), and are up to date on any changes these organizations make with regards to how citations.

Ultius writers pay attention to these changes and modify the work they craft based on the current citation techniques mandated by these groups. If you are interested in learning more about citing your next case study, simply head over to our glossary and check out how to use these different citation styles in your work.

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