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Essay Editors

In order to get the most from your college education, it’s critically important to maintain a high grade point average. The essay editors here at Ultius will help you maintain that goal with the following benefits that come with each order you buy from us.


What Clients Say

Camilla Essay Writer Testimonial Ultius Writing Services
Camilla S Rated 4.9/5.0
I couldn’t figure out why I was getting mediocre grades on my term papers until I handed one of them over to Ultius for editing. Turns out there were a lot of mistakes that I, a non-editor, wouldn’t have caught.

Why Choose Ultius?

As individuals advance from high school to college and then onward to postgraduate studies, maintaining desired outcome becomes an ever-greater challenge. At each passing level, professors continually raise the standard on academic performance. What they’re doing is preparing you for the high-paying, ultra-competitive job market, where excellence must be delivered on a consistent basis in order to stay in the game. But for any given number of reasons, you might be getting less-than-optimal marks on the essays you write for certain classes. The good news is that such problems can easily be averted when you hire the professional sample essay editors here at Ultius to proofread, spellcheck and enhance the quality of your project.

Purchasing From Ultius 

You can purchase editing services from Ultius by following these three fast, easy steps:

  1. Click the “Order Now” button to place your order
  2. Enter payment info and submit your order
  3. Sit back and watch your inbox for the soon-to-arrive “Order Finished” notification

The order form has been arranged for the absolute convenience of site newbies and returning customers alike. Once there, you simply choose the type of service that you wish to buy from Ultius, and then you enter the specifics of your order. Regardless of the size or details of your order, the process can all be completed within seconds by selecting from various pull-down menu options.

For the services of our sample essay writers, pricing is determined by several different factors. If you need a lengthy essay edited within a short amount of time, the price will be higher than what you’d pay if you gave us several weeks to complete a one or two-page paper. Payments are taken via debit or credit on MasterCard, American Express, Visa or Discover card, as well as through PayPal.

Upon submitting your order, it will appear in our assignments queue and quickly be taken by one of our online essay editors. He or she will then contact you through our messaging system, which you’ll want to keep an eye on for updates on the status of your order. Depending on the amount of time you give us, your paper will be ready in a matter of weeks, days or hours.

Ultius Amenities

Ultius encourages frequent communication between our customers and essay editors throughout the time it takes to complete each order. With our messaging system, you can keep in contact with your assigned editor and receive any comments that he or she sends you while working on your paper. From any computer, laptop or digital handheld device, you can use this system to check the status of your custom essay, as well as make additional requests or clarifications. If any questions about your order come up on the other end, your editor will use this system to address them, so it’s wise to keep a frequent eye on the messaging channel while the order is in progress.

As much as we advise for our customers to check their Ultius messages regularly while orders are in progress, we know that not everyone has constant computer access throughout each day. But any time that a customer is away from home, he or she could be missing out on an urgent message from one of our essay editors. To make things easier for everyone involved, we’ve recently launched a mobile site that can be accessed via Android and iOS devices. As long as you're in an area covered with WiFi frequencies, you can stay in contact with your editor with a smartphone or pad while engaging in numerous daily or nightly activities, such as walking, shopping, commuting or dining.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your finished order, you can send it back for a revision within seven (7) days of its initial completion. As part of our dedication to the complete satisfaction of Ultius customers, revisions are offered on an unlimited basis, and our writers and editors have up to three (3) days to complete such requests. Whether you need more contents added or further sources included in your project, such requests will all be given prompt attention by the specialists here that craft and perfect essays for the success of our loyal customers.

Here at Ultius, we have a policy of only hiring American writers and essay editors. This way, we can guarantee that all the work we produce for our customers is done with 100% fluency in American English. The same is typically untrue with our competitors, who tend to outsource assignments to writers halfway around the world. Even though these companies might be cutting corners by hiring cheaper labor, they’re unable to offer our level of fluency because their writers speak English as a second language. But with all the complexities of our great language, it’s crucial to have essays handled by writers who are intimately versed in English in order pass muster with discerning US professors.


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Poverty is one of the most well known issues around the world. Each year millions of children starve not because there is not enough food, but the world isn't organized enough. This sample expository essay explains what's at stake and what some of the current solutions suggest.

America in the 19th Century

During the 19th century, sweeping reforms came to the United States. America made policies and decisions that had an impact domestically and internationally. This sample expository essay reviews the Monroe Doctrine, reform era and time of President Andrew Jackson.


Censorship implies the ability of a government to stifle or restrict the expression of its citizens. While democracy has been the shining light in terms of fighting censorship, it still widely exists in the developing world. This sample expository essay explores the complex issue of censorship with regard to governmental power, legal issues and its use during the 21st century.

Professional Essay Editors from Ultius

Completing an essay can be a lot of hard work, regardless of whether or not you consider yourself to be a natural writer. If you’re talented at writing you might have an easy time crafting sentences and paragraphs, but you could still get confused when it comes to the rules of citation. Spelling could perhaps be another one of your hurdles? Truth be told, a lot of students get marked down for spelling mistakes that they failed to catch, despite having proofread the papers in question. After all the work you put into a paper, you wouldn’t want to suffer a sub par grade due to small yet significant errors. To prevent that from happening, it’s wise to hire professional essay editors like the ones on our team here at Ultius.

Excellence and Professionalism

Most professors emphasize the importance of excellence and deadlines in class as a way of preparing individuals for the expectations of the working world. If you’re studying to be a journalist, for instance, any periodical that you end up writing for will demand that you turn in your articles by set deadlines; which makes in-class deadlines serve as training for the rigors of that profession. Likewise, the excellence demanded by your professors will be an even greater imperative once you become a published writer. But since no writer is perfect, magazines, newspapers and most other types of online and print publications employ editors to check the work of everyone who submits articles. While you’re still a student, the essay editors here at Ultius can help you meet similar standards of excellence for the papers you submit to your professors.

On the other hand, writing might neither be your strong suit nor the basis of your field of study, but you’re still required to write papers for your elective and major courses. Your professors in these classes might not expect you to be the next Ernest Hemingway, but they’ll still expect you to hand in solid papers with a minimum of errors. Even if you openly acknowledge that you’re not much of a writer, you’re likely to fret about the finished outcome of your essay-writing efforts. Such worrying could be counterproductive, especially when you’ve got so many other things to concentrate on, such as tests, reading materials and in-class participation. The custom essay editors at Ultius can help you with your trouble area (writing) and allow you more time and energy to focus on your other educational concerns.

Making Your Paper Unique

As a student, you’re unlikely to fathom how papers are viewed through the eyes of a teacher. In every course you take, your professors will have read hundreds upon hundreds of prior papers on similar topics as the ones being tackled by you and your classmates. Some professors grow weary of the errors and writing gaffes that are typically made by students; things that most students lack the wisdom or objectivity to notice themselves. As professional essay editors, the individuals that comprise the Ultius team have also read hundreds of student papers and can therefore pinpoint the common errors of such works. 

Editing is one of the most crucial stages in the preparation of a written document. As a means for ensuring excellence, editing involves more than merely looking over a paper; it also involves, proofreading, spell-checking, fine-tuning and rewording certain sentences. Some essay drafts are well-written yet littered with misspellings, and in cases like that an editor will clean up the document and make it suitable for submission. Other drafts might have no spelling errors, yet lack narrative coherence or flow between paragraphs, which thereby makes it necessary for an editor to restructure the piece. By hiring only the best essay editors, Ultius has a team on hand both night and day that can handle such tasks with flying colors.

Buy Ultius, Buy American!

The purpose of every course is to earn good grades and ultimately graduate with healthy career prospects. Along the way, however, you’ll be required to write dozens of essays, some of which will be easier than others but all of which will need to meet high standards of quality. With our educated staff of American essay editors and writers, the team here at Ultius is ready to serve you 24/7 with the skills for perfecting papers on all topics covered at US universities.


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