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Do Essay Writing Services Work? 5 Success Stories

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If you are a student, you may be well aware of the many essay writing services online. Some are free, some charge a considerable amount, and others are inexpensive. So, how can you tell which are legitimate? Not to mention, do essay writing services work? How do you know how to choose the best essay writing service for you?

It can be a little scary ordering online. This post will help clarify some key points to help you have a successful experience if you do choose to work with an essay writing service, as in the case studies we will review below.

In this post, we will cover:

  • Whether or not essay writing services are legitimate
  • 5 success stories of students who used writing services
  • How to make sure you have a successful experience working with an essay service

Are essay writing services legitimate?

In short, yes. Essay writing services can be legitimate and extremely helpful, but you have to know what to look for, (we will cover what to look for in more depth at the end of this post). We will also cover how to avoid online writing scams.

Using an essay writing service is definitely a viable option. This is especially true if you are looking for an example essay to guide your writing process, help editing a draft, or just help with the writing process in general. Here are five instances in which you may want to consider hiring an essay service:

  1. You are looking for assistance proofreading your draft
  2. You need help organizing an outline or conducting research
  3. You would like a top-quality example essay to help guide your writing
  4. You are pressed for time and need assistance writing more efficiently
  5. Writing is not your strong suit and you want to make sure you put your best foot forward

Just as academic tutors, study guides and study groups can be helpful, essay writing services can be too. Top essay writing services like Ultius not only provide 100% proofread, original content, but also offer feedback, research assistance, editing and guidance in the writing process. Services like this can help students succeed in school by learning, retaining and creating polished writing.

5 success stories

Most students who choose top tier essay writing services have positive experiences. (Again, we will cover the basics of choosing great writing services at the end of this post). Here are 5 case study examples of students who experienced positive outcomes after working with an essay writing service.

1. More than first timer’s luck

Field of lucky clovers

When Linda worked with a writing service for the first time, she, like many students, was a bit hesitant. But the ability to communicate directly with helpful customer service agents, and the ability to message her writer directly took a lot of the stress away.

Here is what Linda had to say:

“First time using this service and it was great. Will definitely use the service again or recommend it to friends. Lizzy, in customer service, was wonderful answering all my questions.” -Linda

Being able to communicate with helpful customer service agents is a must when working with a writing service, if you can't find a phone number or do not receive a prompt email reply from a service agent, continue your search!

2. Graduate-level success

Grad cap and money

One of the most common struggles graduate students face is lacking the time needed to stay afloat with multiple commitments like work, school and family. Often graduate students are continuing their education alongside raising a family and earning a full-time income.

This was exactly Debbie’s case, a medical student and working professional who was struggling to fit everything into her schedule. Debbie noted that Ultius (the writing service she chose) helped her save a tremendous amount of time. She had written a rough draft and outline, but she needed it consolidated, edited and revised, which can be a time-consuming process.

When the process was complete, Debbie reached out to support with the following feedback:

“My field of study was in the professional study of a medically related field and working and raising a family and family life was frantic at times and with the assistance of the writing services of Ultius, I was able to have a service needed to assist me in my writing or having the service tweak what I had put together and alone or with help Ultius made it possible to receive my degree with highest honors.. Thank you and I would recommend Ultius to anyone needed that little additional help in getting their papers tweaked or their assistance given with expertise above reproach.” -Debbie

Ultius is an example of a top tier writing service well known for the skill level of its writers. One of the characteristics that makes Ultius unique is that the company hires graduate-level, professional essay writers who are able to assist with a wide variety of projects and topics. For graduate students and working professionals, working with a top tier writing service that understands the nuances of graduate-level language is critical when it comes to time-saving and making sure writing service investments are worthwhile.

3. Grammar perfected and excellent service

Typing on a typewriter | Ultius

Even with all the apps available today, like Grammarly, real, personal proofreading is still invaluable. There are always special cases of stylistic and grammatical phrasing that can only be caught or approved by the critical human eye, which understands context and tone.

One student (who preferred to not be named), ordered an example essay from Ultius and was wowed by the quality of the writing. Specifically, he said,

“I selected the wrong due date and decided to contact the live chat for help. Sara R. made the process very easy and stress free to fix the mistake. Nothing but great experiences from this site.” -Christine

Not only are spelling and grammar imperative when you are in school, but even more important is making sure that any example content and content you hand in is plagiarism-free. Be sure to make sure whatever essay writing service you choose checks all drafts for plagiarism and provides original content.

4. Delivered on time


Meeting deadlines, getting through coursework and trusting an essay writing service to provide the help you need can be stressful enough. The last thing any student needs is delayed order delivery. This is why on-time deliveries are also one of the most important “success factors” of working with any writing service.

In Sandra’s case, she not only had a successful experience with the customer service department, but also, her order was delivered on time:

“I love Ultius . Very responsive customer support! Patient and taking care of the issue till is solved . Great writers too! Jobs are done on time . I am very pleased with Ultius.” -Sandra

It is also clear from Sandra’s story that she was happy with her writer and the customer service department. When all of a company’s or service’s team members are working together efficiently as in Sandra’s case, clients experience better outcomes.

5. Wowed by customer service

Students celebrating with drinks

The quality of customer service can often mean the difference between failure and utter success. Even if a mistake happens or a revision is needed, if a writing site’s customer service team is available and helpful, it can mean the issue is resolved quickly and the client still receives a top-quality product, on time.

For instance, Amanda was a student who had multiple questions and concerns that needed to be addressed before she was comfortable placing an order. Even after placing the order, Amanda’s request included some complicated instructions that needed to be addressed in a specific way. Thankfully, the customer service team helped her through each step of the process. She ended up being wowed by one of Ultius’ customer service agents, Delia. Here is what Amanda had to say:

“Delia is absolutely amazing! She has helped me so much, her customer service was outstanding and she did everything in her power to help me, and to make sure that I was 100% satisfied with my experience with Ultius.” -Amanda

So, you might be thinking, these stories and Ultius reviews are great, but how can I make sure that I have a similar successful experience? We will cover the basics of that next.

How to make sure your essay writing service experience is a success

In order to help ensure that the essay writing service you choose results in a positive experience working together, use these 4 basic check points. These keys are reflected in the success stories we reviewed above. Choose a company that:

  1. Has excellent customer service. Ideally, choose a service that offer support by phone, email and text, 24/7 so that help is available no matter what time you are working on an assignment.
  2. Provides high quality, original, proofread content. Make sure the service you choose checks all writing for plagiarism. Ask to see examples so you can make sure the writing style and level is up to par.
  3. Delivers drafts on time and offers revisions. This one speaks for itself. A great way to find out about this is to read customer reviews.
  4. Has awesome client reviews. In addition to reading reviews on a writing service’s site, check third party sites like Quora, Reddit, Google or Facebook for unbiased reviews.

You deserve your own success story. Choose an essay writing service that checks these boxes, and you are bound to be off to a great start!



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