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Professional Essay Writers

Connect with the best professional essay writers in America.

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We connect you with the top (99th percentile) professional essay writers to get anything written on your schedule. Our writers are American, native English-speakers, and graduates from American higher education institutions.

Finding the best professional writer

Few things are more frustrating than counting on a “professional” writer to help you complete a top-notch essay (that is due tomorrow), only to receive it minutes before your deadline and find it hardly follows instructions and is brimming with errors--something not even coffee and an all-nighter could rescue.

Thankfully, there are top-tier professional essay writers online who deliver on time, and know how to follow instructions to a T. It simply takes knowing where and how to find them.

Time and financial investments in school are invaluable. Connecting with a top quality writer is important if you are thinking of investing in an essay writing service to help you efficiently manage multiple school and work commitments. Even if you just need a quick essay writing samples, or a second set of eyes to proof your draft, making sure the essay writing service you hire connects you with top-notch professionals is critical to a smart investment.

Here are a few simple points to consider when searching for a writing pro.

Where to find professional essay writers online

There are hundreds of essay writing services sites online today. But unfortunately, not all hire professional essay writers. Top quality services, on the other hand, will hire professional essay writers. Here are two primary places you can find professional essay writers:

  • Professional essay writing service sites, like Ultius
  • Job boards like Upwork and Thumbtack (although it can be difficult to verify a writer’s professional standards and experience when working with independent freelance sites)

There are a few benefits to working with a professional from an essay writing service as opposed to a freelance writer (like those you may find on job boards). Here are some of the benefits of working with professionals from an essay writing service:

  • Round-the-clock customer service from client support specialists
  • Secure payment systems
  • Plagiarism-checked drafts (check to make sure your service provides this)
  • Identity protection
  • Guaranteed delivery on time
  • Cost affordability
  • Multiple rounds of editing (top quality sites, like Ultius, will make sure your draft is proofread and error-checked editors before it’s delivered)
  • Free revisions

So, if you are browsing online, how do you know what key things to look for to make sure you receive a stellar product and service (instead of getting scammed)? Here are a few key tips.

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How to qualify essay writing service writers

Use this checklist to make sure your essay writing service hires experienced professional writers-- and to make sure you know exactly the kind of product you’ll be coming away with.

  • Read reviews on third party sites and on the service site.
  • Call customer service and ask about their hiring process, writing and editing processes. If there’s no customer service number or they can’t tell you specifics about how drafts are edited, that’s a red light--and a green light to keep searching.
  • Ask about their hiring process! This is key. An essay writing service worth their salt in professional writers should practice a rigorous interviewing, hiring and training process.
  • Look at example papers. Are the service’s examples up to par? Do they match your quality standards? If so, the service probably hires top-tier writers.
  • Check your options. Does the essay writers service offer different levels of essay writing, such as undergraduate, master’s and doctoral-level writing? Sites hiring professional writers will often classify writers according to their experience level to provide clients with writing that matches students’ needs.

Top quality, professional writers will be able to write in multiple subjects and use a variety of citation styles. They will also be skilled at efficiently producing content that is 100% original, from scratch. Most importantly, professional essay writers will be skilled and able to follow complex instructions to the T.

Ultius is an essay writing service that only hires top-quality.

So, what is different about the writers Ultius hires?

What makes Ultius writers different?

Based on client feedback, here are a few reasons clients note they prefer Ultius as a top-choice essay writing service:

  • Writers are skilled at following high-level instructions
  • Writing assignment instructions can be shared directly with writers through an easy messaging platform
  • Orders are delivered on time
  • Writing is 100% original, proofread, plagiarism-checked content
  • Clients can request their favorite writer and save multiple writers as favorites
  • Client support is available 24/7 by phone, email and chat
  • Free revisions are provided
  • Unlimited sources and citations are included for no extra charge
  • Clients can choose their essay writing level (from high school to doctoral level writers)
  • Essays are written at a high-level, professional standard

Ultius is able to provide these benefits to clients by hiring some of the best writers in America.

How does Ultius qualify writers?

Here is an overview of the process Ultius uses to source, hire and train all-American, English-fluent, professional writing talent.

  • Only 6% of the writers who apply to work with Ultius are accepted due to the high standards Ultius places on applicants.
  • All applicants must submit writing examples that are evaluated for quality and skill level by editors and hiring professionals at Ultius.
  • Applicants must have a college and/or graduate level degree to work with the company, and experience in a particular field relevant to what they will be writing about.
  • After a select few of candidates are hired, each new writer undergoes a lengthy training process.
  • The training process not only improves writers’ skills but also orients writers to the high practice standards at Ultius.
  • Writers are also selected on the basis of their professional communication skills. Clear writing and clear communication are not only essential components of top quality essay writing, but also of top quality communications with clients and service.

Because Ultius takes the time to hand-pick some of the most talented writers in America, Ultius writers get to enjoy working with an incredible, service-oriented team. Ultius freelance writers are skilled and experienced in a variety of academic and professional subjects and work remotely to serve clients worldwide.

Clients can easily connect with a professional essay writer using the secure essay writing service platform Ultius provides.

Connecting with your writer

As a top-tier essay writing service, Ultius is a great pick if you are wanting to connect with a professional essay writer, but still want to work with a company that ensures your order is delivered on time, protects your personal identity, your payment and offers 24/7 support.

The Ultius appSource: GP
The Ultius app for Android is the most convenient way to connect to a writer with speed and ease.

Professional essay writers at Ultius are able to provide essays on a variety of subjects in almost any citation style. With over 2,000 of America’s best writers, Ultius is also a great choice if you want to specify your writing level (such as a doctoral versus an undergraduate essay), or if you need your essay completed in a matter of hours. Ultius pairs clients with writers who have the exact skill set and experience level to match each client’s needs.

Here is how Ultius makes the process of connecting with professional writers hassle-free and convenient.

  • To connect with a writer, clients can easily use the Ultius order screen interface to place an order by following the prompts. This includes selecting things like the page count, writing level, due date and citation style.
  • Once a client places an order, they will be able to message their writer directly using the order’s message board. This is a great place to upload instructions, ask questions and share feedback.
  • Repeat clients can save writers as favorites and request them in the future. Clients find it incredibly helpful to know who will be working on their order, especially for larger essays and projects.
  • If a client wants to see if a certain writer is available or be specifically paired with a writer with certain experience, the Ultius Client Success department is available 24/7 to help.
  • When clients order from Ultius, they have the choice of choosing the best writer available, a graduate level writer, or a requested writer, depending on the level and type of essay writing needed.
  • Clients can request free revisions, which is especially helpful for longer essays and big projects that may require several rounds of development.

Even when you are working with the best essay writing service and top quality professional writers, situations still may come up in which changes need to be made. Ultius understands that not every writer is the best match for every client. This is why free revisions are a built-in part of what Ultius offers. Plus, if questions come up, whether it’s 2AM or 2PM, the Ultius client success department is more than happy to help clients have the best experience possible with their writer.

Learn more about the essay writing services provided by Ultius and how you can connect with one of America’s best writers.

The Ultius Promise

With every order, you can count on the following:

  • Delivered on time
  • 100% original
  • Free revisions
  • Awesome 24/7 support
  • World-class writers




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