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Transparency Reports

Ultius deeply values the amount of trust customers afford us when using our platform to connect with a writer. We’re committed to protecting user privacy and being transparent about how that data is used. Review our annual reports to learn about data requests, DMCA takedown requests and internal policy violations.

Posted on 20 February, 2018



As a global technology company, Ultius must comply with various local, state and federal regulations. We also have internal policies and procedures that dictate how we conduct business. For that reason, the company shares data and statistics on various matters of compliance. Each section is explained briefly and the data is accompanied by additional definitions (where necessary).

Individual data requests

As mentioned in our privacy policy, Ultius will not share or disclose individual user account information unless required to do so by state or federal law and/or under a court order. In cases where we have data requests, we evaluate them on a case-by-case basis and challenge the grounds if appropriate. Our data request report includes information related to how many requests we received and how we responded. To protect the identity of our customers and writers, we only provide statistical data. Please note that in some instances, governments may request data alongside a "gag order" or legal demand that the request is not shared with customers or anyone else. These types of requests are not included in our statistics.

Finally, Ultius is not the only technology company that has to deal with data requests. All companies, including many notable ones, have to properly respond to these requests and choose to share statistics with users. 

DMCA copyright infringement allegations

From time to time, third parties send us requests to remove content posted on our website on the basis of alleged copyright infringement. In these cases, we follow our standard DMCA policy and address each incident on the merits. Our DMCA copyright infringement report includes the number of alleged requests as well as our response.

Internal policy violations

Ultius has a number of internal policies to make sure that our platform is being used appropriately. We expect customers to comply with these policies and work hard to enforce them internally through various auditing processes. In some cases where customers allegedly violate our internal policies, we conduct an internal investigation and may respond by terminating the customer relationship. We call this process Customer Relationship Termination (CRT) and share statistical data on how often we do this and under what circumstances.

Yearly reports

Title Year Items Covered Update Frequency Last Updated
2015 Transparency Report 2015 Individual Data Requests
DMCA Complaints
Quarterly 12 March 2016
2016 Transparency Report 2016 Individual Data Requests
DMCA Complaints
Internal Policy Violations
Quarterly 6 February 2017
2017 Transparency Report 2017 Individual Data Requests
DMCA Complaints
Internal Policy Violations
Quarterly 20 February 2018




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