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Buy a top-notch critical essay from a professional writer on any subject

Ultius essay writers are proficient in many different types and styles of essays

A critical essay goes beyond reporting the facts and the content of a text. It delves into the meaning and evaluates the material being critiqued.

The professional writers at Ultius are experienced in creating thoughtful critical essays.

The examined work is analyzed, interpreted and reported on in a manner where the core themes are expanded upon, as well as evaluated for their academic and cultural value.

Writers at Ultius know not only the importance of effective, professional academic writing, but also understand the need for your critical essay to grasp the interest of its reader. Critical essays can be written on any of a broad range of topics and our writers will craft their argument to align with your specific point of view.

Critical essays, done correctly

Ultius writers understand what makes a critical essay great, including:

  • Transparency
  • Structure
  • Argumentative support
  • Adherence to all requirements

Ultius is always here to help

There are many terrific benefits of ordering your critical essay with Ultius

  • Dedicated client success team
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All orders created by Ultius writers utilize peer-reviewed academic sources and are effectively written as well as engaging to the reader.

Your custom critical essay is only 3 easy steps away!

Deciding to purchase a critical essay from one of our writers is made easy with your deadline in mind. We strive to ensure that every order from Ultius meets your individual standards for quality and content.

  • Submit any documents, data and details that need to be included with your critical essay. This can include sources that must be cited, articles that have to be evaluated, or anything else essential to your essay.
  • You’ll be matched with a capable writer qualified to handle your critical essay, at the writer level you select.
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Based upon your individual needs, only the most experienced writers have the ability to see and claim your order. This gives you, the client, greater peace of mind that your essay is in good hands and will be delivered correctly and on time.

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Our quality assurance team ensures that your custom ordered critical essay is not only delivered to you by your deadline, but also meets the quality standards you expect from a professionally written product.

Quality assurance examines each critical essay order to ensure your specific instructions have been followed and that the content of the essay is of the utmost quality. Only after going through rigorous review is your custom written sample delivered directly to you in an effort not just to meet, but to exceed your expectations.

There are always other questions that need to be answered, and to that end, our website offers more common questions asked about our services. Beyond that, our client success team is always reachable to answer your questions or simply elaborate upon anything that you may find a bit unclear.

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Whether you're a first time, or repeat client to Ultius, it’s normal to have a few questions

Your needs are paramount to us in the crafting of your critical essay and we understand that you naturally have some questions and concerns about the process.

These may range from the materials and citation style used by your writer to the originality of the work you will receive. We do our best to ensure all of your questions can be answered and your concerns are put to rest.

These are just some of the basic questions that have been asked about the services provided by Ultius. You may have others that need to be answered in which case, visit our full site to see if the answers you need are waiting for you.

Example critical essays from Ultius writers

The writers that work with Ultius are no strangers to critical essays, and you can see their work here

Still not sure that Ultius is the service to complete your critical essay? To help you make your decision, we have included some other critical essays completed by Ultius writers. You can browse the essays listed below to get a better idea of the type of quality product our writers produce when you place an order for a sample essay from Ultius.

The following examples are just a few of the many topics and viewpoints our writers use in completing critical essays. Take a look to see if our service is right for you!

Blog post | Critical Essay on Vaccines and Autism

Critical Essay on Vaccines and Autism

The controversy over the link between vaccination and autism spectrum disorder has reached the international spotlight with celebrities and respected politicians each voicing opinions and concerns regarding the matter. This sample critical essay explores the matter thoroughly and offers information as well as insight exploring both sides to the debate. The essay reports upon both facts and myths surrounding the matter and seeks to discover whether the correlation is one in need of greater attention or merely the product of sensationalism and lack of understanding.

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Blog post | Critical Essay on The National Rifle Association's Argument against Gun Control

Critical Essay on The National Rifle Association's Argument against Gun Control

Gun control in the United States has always been a topic of great concern and debate. The recent prevalence of gun violence on both major and minor scales has cast one particular organization into the spotlight now more than ever before. This sample critical essay explores the National Rifle Association and its efforts to limit gun control in America citing that the NRA’s successful lobbying against gun control legislation has hindered the ability of the American government to take necessary steps in better preparing for and preventing tragedies like school shootings and other mass killings caused by gun violence.

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Blog post | Sample Critical Essay on Nature vs. Nurture

Sample Critical Essay on Nature vs. Nurture

Human development is a field which still encompasses much that we as a species have yet to discover and understand. The idea of Nature vs. Nurture is one that examines the effects that both heredity and the influence of our environment have on our development. This sample critical essay explores what can be directly attributed to our genetic development and what cannot be definitively determined. It further seeks to discover which elements contributing to our personality and mannerisms are ingrained in our DNA and which are the product of our environment.

Continue reading

Want more samples? Check out our free samples page or use our site search.

These topics provide a brief sampling of what our talented writers have produced in previous critical essays, but these are certainly not limited to health matters, current events or human development. Our writers are able to create custom content and a broad spectrum of topics and tailor those subjects to your specific needs. You can explore many other sample essays which will help you better decide if ordering your critical essays through Ultius is the right decision for you.

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Components of a great critical essay

A critical essay should include an argumentative thesis, and evidence to back up a criticism of the given subject matter

Great critical essays do more than convey an interpretation or point of view on a topic, they present a case and support those claims with evidence from multiple sources. Critical essays are not “critical” in the sense that they are refuting established ideas, but rather conducting evaluation and analysis upon the chosen topic.

Frequently, it is assumed that a critical essay proposes a sort of judgement upon an idea, but rather it focuses on meaning and exploring the significance of a topic.

  • 1Have a transparent argument or critique about you subject


    Ensure that you reader knows what you’re critiquing, why you’re critiquing, and what kinds of critical approaches you’ll be following


    They key to any critical essay is the clarity of the argument being made and consists of 3 parts:

    Critical essay essentials
    Critical essays consist of a central claim, evidence, and conclusion.

    A critical essay seeks to prove its claim through objective and accurate research garnered through quality source material.

  • 2Know the difference between a critique and criticism


    Although they are somewhat similar words, critiques and criticisms are conceptually different


    A critique is a careful evaluation of a given topic or issue. It involves well-reasoned thought, research and evidence to arrive at a conclusion.

    Criticism, on the other hand, is often associated with judging or finding the fault in an idea or topic.

    Criticism most often involves describing its subject as ineffective or lacking in some way. A critical essay is the critique of a topic, rather than criticism of it, seeking not to devalue, but to better understand or rationalize the topic.

  • 3Structure your critical essay


    A critical essay follows the standard essay structure of an introduction, main body, conclusion, and work cited, but there is more to the makeup of a good critical essay than simply its organization


    A critical essay is only as effective as its content. It must begin with a topic of which a concrete claim, or thesis can be made. It helps to choose a topic in which you have a specific interest or an idea with which you particularly agree.

    It also helps to choose a topic for which there is a good deal of research or study available to ensure credible sources will not be difficult to find and will be plentiful. This aids you in crafting a stronger, more researched critique.

    Understandably, the topic upon which you write is not always left up to you and you do not always have the luxury of choosing an idea you like, or for that matter, even agree with. Herein lies the real challenge of critical writing, particularly in creating a critical essay.


    When writing upon a topic with which you disagree or know little about, a good rule is to consider even more source material than aforementioned. In doing so, you can assure that you thoroughly research and evaluate your topic and may even find that your own viewpoint changes somewhat.

  • 4Use empirical evidence to support your critique


    Rely on citations, theories, empirical findings, and whatever kinds of evidence you can find to support your critique


    Like most good purchased essays, a critical essay and its central claim is only as strong as the evidence it presents. Empirical evidence it the result of observation and experimentation. It creates the foundation of fact and is the most important element to an effective critical essay.

    Empirical evidence is generally produced through use of the scientific method.

    Using the scientific method in critical essays
    The hypothesis, testing the hypothesis, and supporting the results are essential in the scientific method.

    A claim can be well-stated or reasoned, but without critical evidence to reinforce that claim it can be construed as mere opinion. The use of empirical evidence is paramount in the process of constructing a critical essay.

How to produce a critical essay

A critical essay generally follows a traditional essay format, just make sure you include all the components listed above

While the length may vary based on the requirements of the order, the following organization is key to constructing an effective critical essay. Paragraph organization is comprised of: Introduction—Body Paragraphs (evidence) [As Needed]--Conclusion. The number of body paragraphs is dependent on the specific needs of the order. This framework makes up the foundation of a strong and effectively organized critical essay. The following will break down each component and its significance to the overall essay.

Step 1: Writing your introduction

Tell your readers what you’ll be critiquing and why, and introduce your thesis, or hypothesis on the subject

A strong introduction not only introduces the topic but also makes the claim to be examined by the remainder of the essay. This portion of the essay not only states the purpose, but also created the “hook” which piques the interest of the reader and prompts them to keep reading the remaining essay. Much focus is placed upon the claim or thesis in an introduction, but effective language in order to “hook” the reader is equally important.

Step 2: Writing the main body

This is where the bulk of your writing will take place, so flesh out and explain your critiques here

The main body of the draft contains all of the details and evidence that will be used to support the central claim. It is a good idea in the body paragraphs to vary the types of evidence utilized as well as presenting a counter argument which shows that the opposing viewpoint has also been considered.

  • The first body paragraph typically contains the strongest evidence to support the claim of the essay. This evidence is usually from primary sources and scientific or other professional studies. It begins the evidentiary process off with the most indisputable fact.
  • Later paragraphs are often used to present evidence that may serve to support the central claim but might have a greater degree of interpretive or opinion-based evidence. While opinionated or interpretive evidence is often rejected in place of indisputable fact, it can still sometimes serve a purpose in the construction of an effective critical essay.
  • A good practice with the final body paragraph is to explore a counter argument or evidence that disputes the central claim. While this can serve to sometimes weaken an argument, it frequently functions as the opposite, demonstrating that all points of view have been considered in the critique leading to a stronger and more certain conclusion.

Ensuring that the body paragraphs of an essay are well organized, flow naturally into one another and present a complete picture of the topic in question will ensure that the critical essay will effectively present its claim.

Step 3: Writing an effective conclusion

Don’t introduce any new ideas, but give your readers a quick recap of your critique(s)

Restating the central claim is important as well as summarizing the evidence that has been presented.

In the context of a critical essay, the strength of the evidence should be referenced as to the degree to which the central claim was either proved or disproved.

Three key principles in essay conclusions
When writing an essay conclusion do not introduce new information, do not be redundant, and avoid generic filler phrases.

Critical essays differ from other writing types in that they seek to accomplish more than simply report facts, but to validate and expand upon them as well.

A good conclusion cements a strong critical essay. The conclusion ties the whole essay together and should be stated confidently by the writer.

Step 4: Show your research with a works cited, references, or bibliography page

Depending on the format required for your essay, you’ll need to show how and where you conducted your research

Depending upon which citation style that is used in the essay, specific information from the source material needs to be presented.

This includes:

  • Author
  • Date of Publication
  • Title of Work
  • URL from which the source was accessed
Avoid secondary sources if possible

Sticking to primary sources will produce the highest quality and most well-researched critical essays.

For critical essays, the source materials that best reinforce the claim made in the thesis are scholarly and peer reviewed sources such as professional and scientific journals, books by specialists in the field and reports or case studies concerned with the given topic.

Additional help and resources

Constructing your own critical essay can seem overwhelming at times. Rest assured, however, there are many places to go for help around the internet. Ultius has an extensive writer help section where you can find answers to any questions you may have.

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