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Why Turn to Ultius for Your Critical Essay Needs?

Critical essays are among the most demanding forms of writing. At Ultius, we know you want a convenient, cost-effective, and transparent way to buy and receive a sample critical essay. Don’t take our word for it—browse our stellar reviews on various social media, read our samples, and ask us questions. When you’re comfortable, you can place an order on a mobile device or computer.

Once your order’s set up, you can track its progress on a dedicated Web page where your writer will communicate with you. When your purchased critical essay is complete, Ultius will put it through a second round of sample editing and originality checking. Once you receive your critical essay, you can take advantage of our free revision policy and 24/7 support to ensure that the writer met your needs. You’ll work with highly credentialed academic writers, editors, and support staff who won’t rest until you’re happy with your critical essay.

Free Amenities That go Hand-in-Hand with Every Purchased Critical Essay

Ultius understands your support and service needs, and from our tireless analysis of years of clients buying critical essays, we’ve created an end-to-end process to ensure satisfaction with your model. By the time you receive your final order, it’ll have undergone multiple rounds of editing to ensure adherence to writing standards and an originality check (using the Copyscape database) to ensure the absence of plagiarism. You can communicate with your writer before, during, and after order completion, locking in a smooth writing process. All of our support, communication, editing, and originality-checking features are free and designed for your peace of mind.

Purchased essay quality checklist

User-Friendly and Convenient When Buying the Critical Essay

Ultius wants your critical essay ordering process to be convenient, so we feature:

  • Convenience Factors
  • Mobile access
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multiple payment options (all major debit/credit cards and PayPal)
  • Highly credentialed writers
  • Secure verification of your order
  • A dedicated Web page for writer communication and order tracking
  • On-time delivery
  • Free revisions (please read the full policy)

Ultius has engineered the critical essay ordering process in a flexible, simple manner that gives you, the consumer, ease of mind. Once you buy the critical essay sample from our site, we won’t take it lightly. We’ll offer you the most comprehensive and convenient options spanning everything from the pre-order to post-order support.

Unmatched Expertise and Understanding: Ultius Critical Essay Writers

The competitive advantage of Ultius consists of our corps of expert writers, who are:

  • Writer Features
  • Highly credentialed, up to and including PhD holders and practicing academics
  • Able to handle the kinds of statistical and mathematical analysis that few companies are capable of
  • Only American writers
  • Dedicated to client communication and overall satisfaction

Ultius recruits writers from among the best pool of academic writers in the world. We don’t hire writers until verifying their credentials, writing quality, and commitment to customer service and professionalism. When you buy your critical essay from Ultius, your model work will be handled by a trusted expert: an Ultius freelance writer.

The Contrast of Buying Critical Essays from Ultius

Tens of thousands of clients in over 40 countries have already experienced the Ultius difference. They’ve enjoyed the highest level of quality from our writers, utilized 24/7 support from our dedicated staff, and experienced a smooth and transparent billing process. Ultius is accredited by the BBB (where we hold a coveted A+ rating) and has a McAfee-secure Website. We’re so confident of our ability to match you with a great writer when buying critical essays that we encourage social media reviews, post example essays frequently, and interact frequently with both clients and potential clients in order to ensure that we’re meeting and anticipating your sample writing needs.

Purchased Essay Reviews

Moving Forward: Gaining the Upper Hand with an Ultius Critical Essay Model

There are many reasons you should consider buying your critical essay model from Ultius. Ordering from Ultius means that you’ll save time, as our writers are deadline-driven drivers who’ll deliver your sample when you need it. Next, you’ll benefit from the accumulated expertise of Ultius writers, who are fluent in all subject matters and research paper topics (and even the toughest of college debate topics). In some cases, our writers have over a decade of experience in their academic fields, which means that they bring a wealth of accumulated knowledge to each critical essay. Finally, purchasing a model critical essay from Ultius will get you on track to your future—whether it’s finishing a project, making ends meet, or just making it to 5:00 on Friday afternoon—so you can move on to what you do best. Read on to learn more about these three benefits of ordering your model critical essay from Ultius.

Sample Critical Essays that Salvage Time and Eliminate Stress

Who isn’t busy these days?  As a busy person, you probably have personal/professional commitments and juggle a tough schedule. Perhaps you have family and work obligations, or you’ve gotten in over your head in a difficult project. At the end of the day, whatever the nature of your situation is, you want to put your time into what matters most to you. Once you buy a critical essay from Ultius, you can do exactly do that, because we’ll save you irreplaceable hours, days, or even weeks by giving you a model that you can use when completing your own work. That’s time you won’t get back, so use it wisely! Click here to watch a video reflecting our commitment to saving you time and helping you get better outcomes.

Savvy Writers with a Knack for Critical Essay Orders

Ultius writers are subject-matter experts. Many of them are still in academia, as students, graduate students, or even instructors. Many others are working in industries such as business, law, education, medicine, or finance. When you engage Ultius to connect you with a writer to complete your critical essay example, you’re accessing our accumulated expertise. No matter what the topic of your essay is, we already have phenomenal critical essay writers who are deeply familiar with it. The end result is that you’ll get not only an immaculately written critical essay but also the kind of compelling analysis that can’t be simulated.

Our Expertise = Time Savings

Writing a perfect critical essay is no different from developing a perfect golf swing—it requires thousands of hours of practice. If you are like most people, you’ll hardly ever be required to write a critical essay. On the other hand, the writers at Ultius are critical essay experts, with hundreds of orders already under their belts. When you buy critical essays from Ultius, you'll save hours of time writing your own because the model will show you how it's supposed to look like, where to get sources and the like. With the extra free time you will be able to read a book, practice a personal or professional skill, develop yourself, and look to your future—it’s all possible once you entrust your model critical essay to Ultius. 

Purchased Critical Essay Writing Samples

The best way to verify what Ultius can do for you is to browse through some of our existing critical essays. Cumulatively, these essays give you a good idea of the kind of skills and range that our writers possess. Our final products are mechanically impeccable, rigorously cited, citation standard-compliant, and deeply engaged with their subject matter. With these kinds of qualities to be found in our critical essays, it’s no wonder how we’ve managed to outshine any other consumer-based writing service. Read on to experience the caliber of the critical writing that Ultius has to offer. 

Browse Through a few of our Argumentative Essays
Nature vs. Nature - Sample Essay The strength of this informative and compelling critical essay on the relative power of nature vs. nurture in predicting human psychological traits lies in its critique of both nature and nurture as monolithic explanations, and the writer’s ability to synthesize existing arguments in order to advocate a position that spans both nature and nurture. This approach is an example of a highly creative and convincing use of the critical essay format to reach a justified, difference-reconciling conclusion.
Gun Control and the NRA - A Critical Essay This essay critiques the National Rifle Association’s stance on gun control. The essay draws upon various strands of evidence and argumentation to defend its thesis. In particular, the writer identifies logical fallacies, inconsistencies, and unsupported claims in the NRA’s position. This combination of argumentative techniques and focuses areas makes for a critical essay that succeeds on the merit of its breadth.
Sample Vaccines and Autism Essay From Ultius The purposed link between vaccines and autism is one of the most hot-button issues in American health discourse. This critical essay has a number of strengths, which include (a) entertaining and refuting arguments against its own premise and (b) offering a rigorous analysis of how the vaccine-autism issue arose in the first place. This critical essay demonstrates a high level of understanding of the key arguments and marshals medical and legal evidence very effectively.
Critical Evaluation of North Carolina’s HB2 “Bathroom Bill” Another topic of keen contemporary interest has to do with transgender people and the use of bathrooms. Perhaps the strongest aspect of this excellent critical essay is identifying the specific roots of the controversy, which allows the writer to take an informed and convincing position. This kind of deep analysis requires writers to explore the underlying subject matter carefully, so they understand the various perspectives on an issue before mounting their own critical analysis.
Critical Analysis of Edith Wharton - Courtesy of Ultius Often, critical analyses are conducted within the context of aesthetic criticism. In this critical essay, the writer examines two works by Edith Wharton in order to defend a point about their similarities. This critical essay demonstrates how, especially in a literary context, themes and interpretations have to be extracted from source material in order to support the writer’s own argument.
Critical Essay on Left-Brain vs. Right-Brain Dominance This critical essay has an interesting premise, which is that the public has misunderstood the concept of left and right brains. In order to make this point, the writer engages in a detailed, but well-structured, reconstruction of the scientific findings that informed our current understanding of the hemispheres of the brain. This critical essay furnishes an excellent example of the importance of understanding, and being able to comment upon, scientific research as part of a thesis.

Additional Critical Essay Writing Help

Ultius writers are dedicated writing specialists, and they're relentless with their commitment to helping you. So, even if you choose not to buy model critical essays from Ultius, we’d like to leave you with assorted tips, tricks, and techniques to nail the perfect critical essay. We’ll describe the characteristics of standout critical essays and explain how you can go about writing one while avoiding the common pitfalls new writers experience. There’s no formula for perfect writing, but the company's collective experience in connecting customers with writers has proven very helpful to thousands of previous clients who bought critical essays for model use.

What Makes a Critical Essay Great?

Before you can write the perfect critical essay, you should understand the characteristics of such an essay. Think of it as a blueprint to the kind of critical essay that impresses professors. The four characteristics discussed below are

(a) transparency

(b) structure

(c) argumentative support

(d) adherence to mechanical and visual requirements

There’s a lot more that goes into the most exceptional critical essays, but these characteristics constitute a solid foundation. Once you understand each of these characteristics, you’ll be better placed to write an excellent critical essay of your own, even if you're not purchasing one to use as a sample.


In a critical essay, you’re not solving a math problem; your work is subjective, and that creates leeway for readers to appraise your work subjectively. However, a good critical essay is transparent, which means that it (a) explains its rules of argumentation, (b) discusses why these rules are appropriate for a particular topic, (c) applies the rules consistently and fairly, and (d) explains to the reader how the rules have been applied. Don’t hide your assumptions—draw attention to them and motivate them in a way that makes a transparent appeal to the reader.


A critical essay should follow a basic template of introduction, body, and conclusion, with the body consisting of the main themes of your critique. Your critical essay should be signposted so that readers know what to expect in each section, and the body sections should be structured so that there is a clear progression from theme to theme. When you read the draft (which you should do, multiple times, before submitting), the individual sections should mesh with each other—if they don’t, go back and evaluate your structural choices.

Convincing and Supported

Writing a critical essay isn’t a license to spew opinions. Even if your reader encourages you to include personal opinion, make sure it’s supported with facts and data. Rely on citations, theories, empirical findings, and whatever kinds of evidence you can find to support your critique. However, don’t over-quote, and don’t regurgitate others’ opinions. Absorb the supporting material, so that you can marshal it in the defense of your own critical essay’s thesis.

Critical Essay Persuasion Methods
Overview of logos, pathos and ethos.
Critical essay persuasion techniques - logos, pathos, and ethos

Mechanically and Visually Polished

Good critical essays should be mechanically and visually polished. Careful re-reading should eliminate grammatical and typographical mistakes. Adherence to the requirements should ensure that the required format (APA, MLA, etc.) is followed. Make sure that margins and all similar requirements are followed. Formatting can be tricky and this is the point at which many of our clients opt to purchase formatting services from Ultius. Remember, a good critical essay can be marred by needless, easily corrected errors.

Composing the Work - Even if You're Not Buying Critical Essays

Let’s be honest—there are no overnight tips that can result in the perfect critical essay, and there’s no paint-by-numbers approach to becoming a great critical essay writer. However, there are solid principles that anyone can apply, at any time, to increase the chances of producing a good critical essay. The principles below are hard-won insights from the experiences of Ultius writers who have written purchased critical essays and thus learned how to maximize the odds of producing standout work. Internalize these principles, and you’ll be well on your own way to becoming a good critical essay writer yourself.

Here are four steps you can take for writing a standout critical essay.

Critique Something!

In a critical essay, you need to take a strong position. The mere fact that you’re critiquing some means that you’re leveling a value judgment against it, so don’t be concerned about feigning objectivity. Ensure that you reader knows what you’re critiquing, why you’re critiquing, and what kinds of critical approaches you’ll be following. It all begins with having a firm idea of:

(a) the object of critique, and

(b) the methodology of criticism, which is a subject addressed in the third tip of this section.

Criticize and Critique: Know the Difference

Despite the etymological similarity, critique and criticism are conceptually different words. In ordinary life, criticism often consists of expressing likes or dislikes, which don’t have to be motivated by underlying arguments or insights. Critique is a scholarly version of criticism, one in which you’re not merely expressing tastes or preferences, but basing your analysis in evidence, reason, or philosophical argument. A critique isn’t a mathematical proof, but it should be part of a cogent and defensible train of thought. In keeping with the best practices of critique, your arguments need to be rigorous and precise. Ultius clients often order sample book critiques alongside their purchased critical essay.

Follow the Rules

Audiences typically won’t consider any argument unless the rules of critique are laid out. Read all directions carefully. Some critical essay assignments require you to ground your critique in philosophical argument, others in data or theory. There are innumerable approaches to writing a critical essay, but the best one is always what your reader wants to see. Take advantage of all directions, and ask any necessary additional questions, to know what kind of rules of argument and structure you need to follow. Accurately identifying your audience will be invaluable when they’re finished reading your essay.


It’s likely that you already have a lot of the writing skills needed to produce a great critical essay, and if you don’t, you can’t develop them overnight (although buying critical essays for model use can help you get there faster). What you can do right now, though, is engage. No matter how boring it might seem, every critical essay topic has a feature that can engage your passion. Allow yourself to apply your own experiences, beliefs, experiences, etc. to the material, and you’ll engage with it. When you’re engaged, your writing will be engaged as well, and your critical essay will benefit as a result.

Last Things to Consider for Your Critical Essay

There are many additional references you should consider when writing a critical essay. Learn more about Copyscape or WriteCheck (a division of Turnitin) for ensuring that your critical essay meets originality standards. Try Grammarly for evaluating your persuasive essay’s grammar, Consider a citation program like EasyBib or EndNote for automating your citations. The use of these tools can make a vital difference in how your critical essay is graded. If you work with Ultius and buy a critical essay model, our writers and editors apply these very same tools to ensure that your critical essay meets the most exacting standards for grammar, originality, and citation quality.

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