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Interested in buying a speech online, custom written to your needs? If so, you've arrived at the right place! Ultius is the global leader in creating academic content and we can't wait to work for you. Why wait? Order now!

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How buying a speech from Ultius can help you find success

Buying a speech can help save time by organizing all of your talking points

A speech is a document that provides a written template for a speaker to follow when addressing an audience. When you order a speech, you’ll receive a sample document from one of our talented writers on how to communicate your ideas clearly and professionally. Speeches can be written in a formal or casual, conversational tone, and generally start by previewing the speaker’s main talking points. Your sample speech may also include speaker cues and prompts.

Get a PowerPoint presentation with your speech

All speeches come with a PowerPoint presentation that include the following

  • Slides
  • Pictures
  • Properly formatted pages
  • Speech outline

All custom writing orders from Ultius are written by American writers

Ultius only works with the top 6% of college graduate writers who apply to freelance with us

  • Topic specialists
  • Free revisions (See terms)
  • Completely confidential

Every order scanned for plagiarism

We double check every order to make sure your sample is completely original

Our dedicated customer support team

If you need anything before, during, or after you place your order, you can also contact our customer support team. They are here and ready to help you, 24 hours of the day

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Ultius is proud to work only with talented American writers who have demonstrated proficient and exceptional speech-writing abilities. Our skilled writers provide custom sample speeches on a variety of topics including political science debates, human rights issues, scientific research presentations, ethical issues and more.

How buying a speech from Ultius works

Ordering a customized speech has never been easier. Select the subject you’d like your speech to be written about, along with your preferred page count and citation style. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Select “other,” and specify your topic. Once finalized, your order will be available only to a group of Ultius writers experienced in your topic.








You’ll be paired with an American writer who is able to support your sample speech with credible citations. If questions come up along the way, no problem! The Ultius’ writer-client messaging platform makes staying in touch with your writer easy. You can also upload and share documents with your writer via this platform.

Speeches from Ultius comes with amazing benefits as well

Ultius speeches also include a PowerPoint to highlight key details

Every order you place with Ultius is guaranteed to provide you with original, quality-checked content. We’ve completed over 100,000 custom writing orders, with thousands of satisfied customers, all completely original! With 24/7 available phone, chat and email support, our teams are committed to ensuring we meet and exceed your expectations.

We understand placing an order can be somewhat stressful, especially amidst juggling work, studies and personal life. It’s our goal to ensure you feel supported and confident in receiving an outstanding, original product. We also want you to enjoy the experience, your communication with your writer, and learn through the process.

  • Benefits of buying a speech

    With Ultius, you’re never on your own. Your order comes with support and benefits you simply don’t get elsewhere.

  • PowerPoint included

    Power points are a great way to visually communicate your ideas. Simply specify how many slides you’d like your PowerPoint to be, and whether or not you’d like speaker notes included.

  • 24/7 help and support

    If you encounter questions along the way or would like to change something about your order and aren’t sure how, our support teams are available 24/7 to assist you.

  • Free revisions

    It’s our priority to provide you with an impeccable sample speech. If any part of your instructions were not correctly addressed, simply request a complementary revision within seven days of receiving your draft.

Ultius even has an easy-to-use app for Android, for your convenience.

Frequently asked questions about buying a speech from Ultius

We’re here to gladly help with any questions you may have before you buy

Maybe you’ve had a past poor experience ordering online, or perhaps you’ve never used a service like ours and feel a bit apprehensive. In either case, our client success team is here to answer any questions you have. Simply give us a call or connect with us via chat.

  • How will my writer know what my sample speech needs to say?

    Your writer will create your sample content based upon the topic you specify and the instructions you provide. You can be as specific or general as you’d like. If your writer has questions, he or she will message you.

  • Can I make changes, or revisions to my sample speech?

    Definitely. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your sample speech, you’ll have seven days to request a revision, and you’re of course to free to make any changes to your speech you’d like.

  • Can I submit my own images?

    Of course! If you have images and/or other content you’d like used and included, simply upload it as an attachment for your writer via the messaging platform.

We understand each scenario is different and you may have questions that are still unanswered. That’s why our client success team is available 24/7 to assist you. Contact us anytime, for any reason, via email, chat, or phone. Follow Ultius on Facebook for more answers to FAQs and helpful tips.

Example speech written by an Ultius writer

Organizing your ideas into a speech that flows clearly and keeps listeners engaged can be challenging work, which is why we’ve hand-picked skilled Ultius writers qualified for the task. Here is a sample (for example purposes only), of sample speeches written by our writers that highlight the quality of our writers’ work:

Ultius Sample Speech: Making Higher Education More Affordable

Speech: Making Higher Education More Affordable

The affordability of University-level education is becoming an increasingly pressing issue for high-school graduates and their families. This address discusses how the investment of a college education can potentially become more affordable, and thus a more worthwhile and fruitful investment.

Continue reading

Want more samples? Check out our free samples page or use our site search.

This is just one example of many (check out our blog to view more). You can order your sample speech on any topic you’d like-- the sky’s the limit! You’ll be matched with a writer who is highly familiar with your sample speech topic and able to conduct high-quality research boosting and informing the content of your sample speech.

Components for putting a great speech together

Outline a beginning, middle, and ending with facts and data to support your speech

A successful speech is consistent with a strong introduction, middle, and end supported by facts and evidence.

  • 1A strong introduction (What makes a good introduction)


    Your introduction should immediately capture the listener’s attention


    An effective introduction hooks listener’s attention and keeps them engaged from the start. Be sure to include these three key components in your speech’s introduction:

    Writing a strong introduction
    A strong introduction includes a captivation first sentence, a brief overview of the speech, and an attention-grabbing sneak preview.

    End your introduction with an attention-grabbing preview of the rest of your speech to captivate your audience.

  • 2An interesting middle (What keeps a speech interesting in the middle)


    Don’t lose steam after your intro, keep your speech interesting when you hit the middle point


    Make your speech interactive. Stay on-topic and organized, but avoid repeating information. Mid-speech, consider introducing especially controversial key points relevant to your topic, or nudging listeners by presenting a question. By allowing listeners to consider a question, you’ll help them stay thoughtfully engaged. For instance, consider asking listeners how an aspect of your topic applies to their lives.

    Also, vary your tone while you speak. Be sure to pause and let listeners digest what you’ve said before moving on to the next main topic. Incorporating visuals is also helpful. Don’t be afraid to use images and videos.

  • 3A strong conclusion, and ending (how to finish strong)


    Use the key talking points you established earlier in your speech to drive it home with the ending


    Just like starting strong, finishing your speech powerfully is critical. Leave your listeners with a lasting impression. Here’s some points to consider incorporating into your conclusion:

    Refresh listener’s memory and re-cap the most important points by summarizing what you’ve talked about.

    Suggest how your topic can be expanded or advanced by future discussions and research. In other words, remind readers why it’s relevant or important, and what it means for the future.


    Encourage listeners to consider examples of how your topic applies to real-world situations.

  • 4Supporting facts and data (research and fact checking)


    You’ll need facts and data in order to support your words and use them in an interesting way


    Depending on your topic and the goal of your speech, there’s a number of ways you can approach research:

    • If your speech is persuasive, search for data that specifically aligns with your argument and incorporate it into your speech as supporting statistics, visuals, facts or congruent opinions.
    • If your speech is objective, present a variety of factual evidence on your topic. Scholarly, empirical, peer-reviewed, and/or government sources are generally considered most credible.
    • Highlighting others’ quotes, opinions and using a combination of the above-approaches can keep things varied and engaging.
    • Know the difference between primary, and secondary sources, and which sources to use.
    Differences between primary and secondary sources
    Primary research is conducted by the researcher, while secondary research is obtained from external sources.

    Whether you use video clips, images, quotes, scholarly material or news articles, be sure to cite your sources!


Now, to put your speech together

Once you have your components in order it’s time to turn your parts into a great, memorable speech

Once you figure out the topic of your speech, and how you want to structure it, it’s time to buckle down and start writing. Put a basic outline together, then insert your key speaking points. Once you have all that down, practice and listen to your speech to perfect it!

Step 1: Put your outline together

Figure out where to insert your data, and structure them along with your beginning, middle, and end

This method of organization works well for the PowerPoint and written components of your speech:

Writing your outline
Your speech outline should consist of an introduction, followed by the main points, minor concerns, and strong conclusion or comparison.

Start with a basic outline using headers to differentiate sections such as “introduction,” “main point 1,” and so on.

Next, jot down words, phrases, ideas and research information within each sub-topic of your outline. Start with the basics and add detail as you gather more material.

Don’t worry about making things “sound perfect” at this point. You’re just placing information into categories.

Be sure to include citations with corresponding information so that you can easily cite as you begin writing (without having to take time retracing your steps).

Step 2: Write your speech

Using the components from earlier, start the process of writing the actual speech

Now that you have all your research, information, ideas and citations compiled, begin writing your speech. Sometimes this can be the most challenging part, but don’t worry! The key is to simply begin. So, try not to worry about how the words sound the first time, just start writing what flows.


Once you have your research, ideas and thoughts written in your own words, you can go back a second or third time and revise your sentences.

Step 3: Insert your data at the correct points

Make sure you use the correct facts you gathered earlier at the point in the speech where they will have the most effect

As you revise your written speech and your PowerPoint, be sure to double-check that the facts you’ve used in their respective areas powerfully support the original points you intended to make

Re-read your speech and review your PowerPoint several times to be sure ideas flow clearly and stay on topic. Also, check your speech to be sure all material that needs a reference is correctly cited.

Step 4: Practice speaking and editing

Rehearse your speech until it flows smoothly, and make any necessary edits

As the saying goes, practice does in fact make perfect (or close to it). Practice your speech in front of a friend, or try recording it on your smartphone and playing it back to yourself.

Practicing a speech
Your smartphone can be a useful tool for practicing your speech

This may be a little nerve-wracking at first, but it will help you identify places you need to improve. Plus, you’ll feel much more comfortable in front of your audience when the time comes to speak.

Additional help and resources

Still need help crafting a pitch-perfect, engaging speech that’s both credible and creative? Check out these links for more assistance:

Ultius guide on speech writing
Our example speeches provide great thought-joggers if you find yourself in a writing stump (like starting your introduction hook, keeping listeners engaged, or concisely wrapping up your conclusion).

Ultius Help Page
The Ultius help page offers FAQs and information guiding you in correctly formatting and referencing, depending on your topic and citation style.

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