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Top Seven College Majors

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Choosing a major for college is much like a serious life decision in the sense that it sticks with you forever. You can always change your major at any given time while in school, but after you get the degree you are literally stuck with it. That's why it is prudent to pick the best college major that is going to propel your future towards what you want to do in life. While the list we are giving isn't comprehensive or complete, it is a good start. Let's take a look at the criteria: money, respect and flexibility. We know that millennials are just about to graduate and get into the workforce, so this list fills those needs. Before we get to the list, remember that these majors may not represent the coolest colleges in America, but they do represent majors that will earn you a great job after graduation.

1. Computer Science

While this is a big field, anything that has to do with computer science is probably a good idea. It has the highest paying salary for any major and gives the most autonomy in terms of freedom for work choice. In fact, companies like Google and Facebook regularly compete with one another over top graduates for those jobs. There have been many campaigns done by organizations in order to find more programming talent. While not ALL of computer science is about programming, it sure does help. That's why computer science was landed as number one. 

2. Civil Engineering

Building houses? Kind of. Civil engineers actually deal with the design, planning and implementation process of putting a proposed building together. For example, you could be designing the next space station or government building. This major may not be very fun in college when you have to take horrendous classes like Vibrations or Calc III, but it does pay a whopping starting salary of almost $60,000 per year. 

3. Good ol' Finance

We all hear stories about how investment bankers make millions off of a single deal, right? Well, they too have to start from the bottom. In fact, the starting salary is roughly $57,000 per year and entails doing research, mentoring under other people and working long hours. This is a good major because it is a great starting point for companies who want to recruit the future business leaders in the country. Within finance, you also have plenty of flexibility to pick what you want to concentrate on. 

4. Computer Game Design

If you like playing Call of Duty or other video games, this may be the best major for you. This major entails plenty of math, science and technical computer skills. However, you do get to get out of school and do something that you are really passionate about, building video games. Not every school offers this major and the ones that do are pretty specialized. Are you up to the task of creating the next Zelda?

5. International Security

After 9/11, it seems as though national security became widely popular. After all, this major entails working in a field where you can personally help save millions of lives around the world. The major requires plenty of politics, history and international relations. A starting salary can be as low as $35,000 and go up as high as $43,000. Either way, it is a career that can be extremely rewarding and doable from a workload standpoint while in college.

6. Nano-Technology

Nano what? We know the word means small, but this major is all about electrical engineering on a small scale. It's about learning the math and science behind designing small circuit boards, chips and more. With technology, everything we use is getting smaller in terms of what is needed ot make it run properly. This major is also pretty intensive on the math and science part, but comes out very well with your future job. Intel pays graduates upwards of $50,000 to work in this field for them. IBM also has some interesting job opportunities if you want to work for Big Blue. 

7. Nuclear Engineering

While you won't be making bombs while in college, you will be writing essays and reading peer reviewed journal articles about atom theory and more. This major deals heavily with math and science and probably won't be too much fun while in school. But, a starting salary can be over $65,000 and you will be working on some ground-breaking technology that can result in creating fossil fuel alternatives. Talk about a "save the world" kind of major, right? Nuclear engineering is rigorous in terms of the workload but pays off in the end and that's why it makes the top seven list. Plus, if this is your major then there is a good chance that you probably attend one of the nerdiest colleges in America

As you can see, these are all pretty rewarding majors that can result in a lot of cash and plenty of perks for after you graduate. Some of them are not that fun while in school and you can expect to hang out in the library pretty often. But, they do represent exciting fields that are going to help ensure that you get a decent job. This list was provided by Ultius, the trusted provider of content solutions for consumers around the world.



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