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The Nerdiest Colleges in America

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Can some colleges and universities be nerdy? Is that even possible - a college that celebrates all things nerd? In this sample from one our writers, we performed some research to seek out the best colleges for the so-called dorks in America. So without further ado, here’s our list of the nerdiest colleges in America.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Known for its heavy workload, MIT is on a mission to advance knowledge and educate students in the field of science and technology. Students can pick knowledge a part and dissect it to the nth degree. MIT is known to be an intellectually stimulating diverse campus, just awaiting the computer experts, geniuses and know-it-alls of the world. MIT's grads also tend to have some of the highest entry-level salaries once they enter the job market.  

Carnegie Mellon University

This lands itself on the list of nerdiest colleges because of its selectivity and intensity. CMU has consistently been recognized as a world-class university built around technical dexterity and extensive knowledge. CMU is also the only university whose liberal arts are as strong as their technological prowess. The atmosphere is noted as being non-competitive, and provides a harmonious mix of social interests and studying. The university resides in Pittsburgh, PA which offers a variety of restaurants, museums and other social venues. Hopefully, once the students finish studying they can work one of those into their schedule.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

A private research university residing in Massachusetts, Worcester's prime focus is on programs in engineering, science and technology. Unlike most colleges and universities in the country, Worcester Polytechnic Institute operates on 7 week terms noted as A-D with an optional E term that falls during the summer months. The accelerated learning pace is just what the nerd ordered.

California Institute of Technology

Intense and imaginative come to mind with what is considered to be the best school for science and technology (the jury is out on the statement). Students have stated that the course load is suicidal, but effective. Hmm, sounds right up a nerd's alley. There are many activities at this college including card games and all of the role playing games you'd want. California Institute of Technology's mission is to be challenging and motivation through the wacky and wonderful atmosphere that offers a tremendous workload without the social life.

Carleton College

Founded in the year 1866, this college is known for its welcoming community. With 37 majors grounded mostly in liberal arts, students receive a meticulous education on the campus. The college is located in Northfield, Minnesota and has been stated to have nominal negative characteristics and to be the perfect place to curl up under a nice blanket and crack open a book and get to studying.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

This institute is known as the top engineering school. With a predominant male school body, students here are known for hitting the books as much as they can. Students equally agree that Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is a synergy of hands-on learning laced with the aroma of scientific understanding. Those who are looking to do equations and formulas all the time will find this a pleasing college to go to.

Swarthmore College

Students say Swarthmore is simply amazing with its structured and thorough liberal arts education and the dedication of the professors that teach there. Despite the structured programs of the college, there are social activities to participate in such as drama performances, and musical performances. There is a work hard, play hard mentality here. The college is continuously listed as a busy college for students who just do not have time enough to sleep because they are studying.

Macalester College

For liberal arts lovers, Macalester College, is listed here because of the vigorous role that it plays in providing students with the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals and objectives. Located in the Twin Cities, this college is not a school known for hardcore parties (you can occasionally only find them on weekends, go figure) and enjoy a good discussion on Marxism over coffee and hot chocolate during the wintry season.

Williams College

The college has become well-known for its professors with European accents even though the college is located in Ohio, as if British English is anymore proper than the standard American English. I digress though. One student stated that Williams College is the place where Ivy League students should be because they simply do not know what they are missing with the tough academics and perfect life. The Princeton Review stated that the college is in the boonies and that the surrounding town is on the quaint side. A particular item to note with Williams College is the appreciation for broomball, which involves a hockey rink, paddles, a rubber ball and sneakers.

Harvey Mudd College

One of the Claremont Colleges, Harvey Mudd is specifically for those who like science and math. Everything from Biology to Physics is intensely studied here. The impact of HMC is that their focus is on offering premier exposure to science and technology based knowledge. Students have stated that an HMC education is unique and highly academic, and while they do have time to engage in fun activities, it is often at the expense of sleep. By the way, to emphasize just how selective HMC is with their curriculum, students have a total of nine majors to select from.

University of Chicago

This university can be classified as nerdy because the sentiment is that if you attend here you will be intensely stimulated through an open, yet potent academic discipline. The University of Chicago is known for its transformative modes of thought in the fields of economics, energy production as well as mathematics. While the thought is that if you go to college, you undoubtedly work hard to obtain your degree, University of Chicago promises that you will. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Prepare to be studying your butt off, but after all, that's what nerds like, right?

The Cooper Union

Actually called the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, this college based in New York City has become a model for higher education. If you opt to come here, be prepared to find yourself among those who are dedicated to the fields of fine arts, architecture as well as engineering and those who desire intense study, a well-rounded curriculum and to be inspired by the amount of books they have to purchase from the bookstore. This is an academic intellectual's paradise. Let the Cooper Union take you to nerd euphoria.

Reed College

Renowned as the college where students hope to make it through in four years, Reed College is brilliantly executed in this arena of liberal arts education. Working hard and all the time is the motto here. Located in Portland, OR, Reed College is for nerds who like working, like studying and get their jollies and kicks from exams, quizzes and projects. The college is quirky and seeks to broaden intellectual horizons with its diverse social offerings.

FYI: If the college you went to is listed here, consider yourself lucky to have received such a remarkable education. Hard work and diligence pays off in the end. We are supposed to work hard and play later. That’s what college is about right?

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