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Research Paper Thesis Horror Stories

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The research paper thesis is, without a doubt, one of the most daunting projects you will face in college. But, before letting the fear of being overwhelmed steer you away from a college career, rest assured: it is possible to overcome the challenge of a thesis with some simple guidance and preparation. You simply need to know what to look out for. Check out these 3 thesis horror stories so you know how to avoid them and tackle your thesis with confidence.

In this post, we will cover:

  • 1. The basics of what a research paper thesis is (and what it is not).
  • 2. Who has to write a research paper thesis.
  • 3. Three true horror stories to avoid.
  • 4. How to avoid them and where to get help.

What is a research paper thesis?

Think of a research paper thesis as the culmination of your academic career. It showcases all the research you have done on your topic of focused study. It does this in a way that supports a specific argument or point of view about the topic that you have become expert in. In other words, your research paper thesis is your own theoretical idea and concept backed by tons of scholarly research. In order to write a successful thesis, it is essential to use logic and lots of credible supporting literature.

Who has to write a research paper thesis?

Writing a research paper thesis is a common part of most undergraduates’ careers. However, it is even more common as a graduate student. Sometimes, a thesis will even precede a dissertation for doctoral students. If you are faced with the task of writing a thesis as an undergraduate student, it can be a blessing in disguise by helping you prepare for graduate or postgraduate level writing you may have to do later.

Three true horror stories to avoid

Even with the best of intentions and hard work, writing a top-notch, edited, A+ research paper thesis is tough work. Below, we review 3 true and common “horror” stories students faced while writing their research thesis. The idea in reviewing these stories is not to cause stress, but rather to help highlight common situations and mistakes students encounter so that you can steer clear. Afterwards, we will talk about how to avoid these situations and find the right help!

1. Writing… that seems to never end

One of the most frustrating aspects of thesis writing encountered by many students is that the writing seems to never end. One graduate student told a story on Reddit about how their supervisors and professors actually got into a heated debate over statistical data in the student’s research. In other words, the professors were arguing over what was correct, and what wasn’t. This caused a lot of confusion and frustration for the student, as you can imagine.

Apparently the argument started over the fact that the student did not correctly and accurately cite and explain all the data included in their thesis, including data from their own research and other studies. The result? A migraine-inducing process of repeated revisions in which the student had to re-research, re-write, and re-present their thesis multiple times until the data made sense and the professors agreed.

The graduate student even consulted statistics experts on campus who couldn’t agree on a correct way to interpret data. The student ended up having to add a whopping 19 pages of graphs and writing about linear mixed research models, proving their point. Talk about an unexpected and not-so-fun way to spend a weekend.

Primary v. secondary sources
Knowing how to identify and use appropriate sources is the first step to avoiding this kind of horror story. At the root of that is the ability to distinguish between and effectively apply primary and secondary sources.

The good news is that there are resources to help with this kind of headache, such as high-quality research paper writing services, (which we will talk more about in the last section).

2. Missed flight connection, missed graduation?

Luckily, it wasn’t a missed graduation--but almost. A Ph.D. student living in New Mexico had to fly to Cedar Rapids in order to defend their thesis. The flight involved a connection in Dallas. As the first flight approached Dallas, weather turned south and the student missed their connecting flight. After delays and re-scheduled flights, the student finally made it to Cedar Rapids, but just a couple hours before their defense. Yikes! This was a huge issue and meant the student didn’t have the time to proof, review and prepare for their defense! Luckily they still went through with it, but the delays caused a lot of undue stress.

Even students that do not have to fly across the country to complete their thesis defense face problematic delays. Unexpected circumstances like illnesses, car trouble, or family emergencies can interfere with students getting a thesis reviewed and prepared in time to hand in and defend. There are online resources like writing and editing services that can help students in time-crunch situations. But, it is critical to know what to look for.

3. Rejected, again.

Ideally, the college experience is supposed to be enjoyable, right? While there are many things to look forward to about the college experience, academically and personally, there are also many challenges. One of the things graduate students often say about the research paper thesis writing process is, “I just want to get this over with!” This is understandable. It is a long and challenging process. Luckily, the more you perfect your work and get the right assistance from the start, the less you will have to re-edit your thesis because it was rejected.

One particular graduate student told a story of how their multiple ideas for a research paper thesis were rejected many times and on separate occasions. Eventually, the professor rejecting the ideas circled back and suggested that the student pursue researching the previous ideas that were rejected, not remembering that the student had proposed those ideas originally. The outcome? Eventually one of the student’s original ideas was accepted, but the professor took undue credit for the idea which left the student feeling resentful and frustrated.

Here’s the takeaway: Always document your work, your ideas, and your communication. This includes proposals, professor comments, emails, and even hand-written notes. Keep dated files of everything including each round of revisions or edits. Label each version with a date so it is easy to access past work on your project, chronologically.

Getting help

Although challenges like the stories above can pose serious obstacles, research paper thesis writing is a necessary part of most college degrees, so it is important to be prepared. Here are some key tips for avoiding these challenges and finding top-quality assistance when you need it.

Writing Assistance

Research paper writing services can offer a tremendous amount of help for students who are:

  • In a time crunch
  • Unclear of instructions
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the research process

Research paper writing services can also assist with proofreading and editing a thesis to ensure it is polished and perfected before you hand in your final draft.

Getting your research paper thesis approved

The first step is often one of the most difficult: getting your topic approved. Once you choose a topic and your initial research proposal is approved, the rest flows more easily because you will have an approved template to work from. Top quality writing services like Ultius can assist you in organizing your research proposal. Top research paper writing services can also help by providing examples of high-quality proposals to use as a writing guide.

Getting your research paper thesis done in a bind

As mentioned, nothing is more frustrating than pulling an all-nighter for a project that can literally make or break your academic career. Research paper writing services can help speed the tedious process of writing when you are in a bind, so that you can focus more on learning and preparing to defend your thesis.

Look out for the situations above and use these tips we covered to be prepared when it is time to write your thesis.

Top tier writing services such as Ultius also provide helpful resources about how to write a research paper thesis that can guide you when it comes time to write.



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