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Before starting any formal writing, it’s always a good idea to consider typing “buy research proposal” in a search engine. If you did, then you came to the right place because Ultius’ American writers can provide you with a sample research proposal that is sure to get you on the right track.

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Why Use Ultius When Buying a Research Proposal Example?

When it comes to writing research proposals, Ultius knows best. When you buy research proposals from a trusted provider, you and be sure that it will be done on time and with the quality standards that you expect. Don't waste time, buy from a company that knows how to deliver.


Looking to buy a research proposal? Why not use Ultius, the best writing service on the Internet! Since being founded in 2011, our native, U.S. based writers have gone above and beyond to deliver customers with 100% original, academic style content. 

Over the past two (2) years, our principles have not changed; we still believe our clients deserve only products of the highest quality. So order from us with the comfort of knowing that your order will be completed with care. 

Buying research proposals to base your own work off of with Ultius is incredibly easy. Just visit our homepage to place your order today. Or simply click on the link below to take you straight to our pricing page! If you would like to check out some testimonials or watch a few videos about who we are and what we do, you can find them all over our site as well.

And lastly, should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our customer support staff. Each one is a former writer themselves; they specialize in many fields and can help get your order to as quickly and as affordably as possible!

What is a Research Proposal?

Even if you are simply interested in learning how to write, not buy research proposal mock-ups, feel free to take heed of the information below. It was written by some of our top writers who have a great deal of insight into writing these particular types of papers.

Contrary to popular belief, research proposals are quite challenging to accomplish. Many customers assume that these projects can be written with ease; however, they actually take a great deal of time and should be taken very seriously, as they set up and establish the organization of a large paper.

Consider for example a research proposal on a very large term paper or dissertation. In most cases, the proposal would require an individual to simply gather some facts and concrete detail to support a central thesis or claim they would like to make. However, many of these people fail to realize that this phase of outlining and preparing to write the original project may be central to the project’s outcome.

What a research proposal essentially does is build a document’s base. It sharpens and hones a specific thesis and acknowledges the route the author intends to take to prove his or her point. In essence, this snippet of information (which can only be a few pages long) is thus intended to articulate what one plans to write about in their ensuing research paper.

If you are still having trouble grasping the concept of a research proposal or outline, feel free to call one of our sales representatives. They can help you get started achieving your academic goals should you choose to buy a research proposal with us today.

Topic and DescriptionView

Sample Research Paper on Gun Control

Gun control is one of the most controversial issues in the United States. This sample research paper deals with the issue of gun control, and how a balance between security and freedom must be met.

Sample Research Paper on the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was one of the most costly wars the United States involved itself in, and remains on the historical record as the single defeat in an otherwise impeccable military history.

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How to Write a Research Proposal

It may be more challenging to think about what you are going to write about for your next research proposal rather than the act of writing the short paper itself. That said, if you would like to write a great research proposal, it is prudent that you acknowledge the five (5) facets and core subtopics of this type of paper:

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Literary Review
  • Conclusion(s)
  • Bibliography


Research proposals should always contain a blueprint for an introduction. While the actual introduction should not be written in one of these documents, central arguments should be proposed; it is this aspect of a research proposal which should identify the thesis you plan on arguing in your paper.

Acknowledging a thesis statement in a research proposal can be a difficult task. If you buy a research paper sample and dissertation proposal examples from Ultius, you can be sure that our professional writers will include this crucial aspect of your order.

They have done endless hours of research on many subjects and are fully competent in an array of topics pertaining to anything from political science to biology to economics, among other things.


The methodology of a research proposal is also crucial to the project’s success. A paper’s methodology section is quite simple: it outlines how one will analyze the data they have collected and in what ways they attempt to use said research to prove their larger point.

Pertaining specifically to a research proposal, the methodology section should also contain the context in which a document is being written. For example, if you are writing the methodology of a research proposal on Jacksonian Democracy, you would likely articulate from what means you are studying Jackson’s presidency and writing your paper. Is it from the contextualization of a Marxist or neo-conservative thought? Are you studying the time period economically? Socially? Politically? Or intertwining various arguments into a collective thought?

One must also acknowledge the extent to which the argument they are making is relevant in a research proposal methodology section. When writing this component of a paper, it is thus prudent to justify to what extent the results could bear on society or the academic community from which the document may attract.

These are all core aspects of the methodology section of a research proposal. If you would like to buy a research proposal example from our company, trust our writers’ competency in crafting these articulate, albeit brief documents.

Literary Review

The literary review, or lit review for short, may be the most informative aspect of a research proposal. It essentially guides the reader through the texts and documents the author plans on using in their actual research paper.

What a literary review also does that is unique to a research proposal is guide the reader through specific secondary sources. These sources are different from that of their primary counterparts; secondary sources articulate and describe someone else’s interpretation of an event or story instead of the individuals who were actually reporting the story itself.

For instance, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book, The Great Gatsby, can be used as a primary source document to study the 1920’s. However, academic style articles that note and highlight The Great Gatsby to make an argument are secondary sources. 

Understanding the difference between primary and secondary sources is crucial to writing a research proposal. Especially a good literary review.

We offer the option to buy research proposal models on a variety of topics and our excellent customer service team is standing by to help you attain your goals.


This part of your research proposal is fairly self-explanatory. The conclusion wraps up the arguments you intend to make in the later portion of your research paper or essay.

When writing the conclusion of a research proposal, remember to note your thesis and central argument, without using the specific wording and vocabulary you used to describe this opinion in your introduction. It is imperative that you not use these phrases because doing so will give your document little flow and lack of clarity and differentiation between its beginning and end points.

Lastly, be sure to highlight the ways in which you plan on reaching your conclusion(s) in your research paper or essay in your research proposal. Note how the studies and primary sources you selected have helped you come to terms with your overall argument, as well as their overall importance in comparison to one another. In essence, be sure to give explicit examples of what you think will be achieved through your research proposal.


And finally, another crucial component of a research proposal is its bibliography.

Unlike an actual research paper, which will properly cite the sources in its works cited, a research proposal should simply list the sources one plans on using in his or her assignment. Thus, the bibliography of a research proposal should essentially cover and outline all of the sources (both primary and secondary) that the author may study in their paper. It is also important to note that even if the writer chooses not to commit to all of these sources, he or she should still implement them into this section of their research proposal.

If you would like to buy a research proposal, to reference for your own work, simply go to our homepage and place your order. You can be sure that our experienced writers will take your order very seriously; seasoned veterans of the trade understand how important this particular aspect of a research proposal (its bibliography) can be. Our staff will be sure to treat your order with the care it deserves.

Buy Research Proposal on a Variety of Topics

We can craft custom written research proposal samples on a plethora of topics as well:

  • U.S. History Senior Theses
  • Advanced Statistics 
  • Constitutional Law Term Papers
  • And much, much more!

So, with that said, we hope you buy your next research proposal example and ensuing research paper sample from our website. You can be sure that our writers have the expertise on a variety of topics that pertain to many different subjects.

Also, please note that after choosing to purchase a research proposal mock-up from our company online, we recommend that you purchase the ensuing research paper sample or dissertation model from us as well. We will make sure that the writer who previously worked on your proposal model receives your next order too! Ultius will make sure to deliver on your order.


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