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Resources You Didn't Know Existed for College Level Students

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Resources You Didn’t Know Existed for College Level Students

When we think of resources for college students, we often think of typical things like university libraries or the internet. But there are other resources that often go overlooked and under-used like college paper writing services, professor’s office hours, and even social media

In this post, we will talk about seven resources that you may not know exist for college students. We will also talk about how to use some of these resources such as college paper writing services to make the most of your college education and get the help you need, when you need it. Don’t miss these key resources that many students are unaware of.

1) College paper writing services

If you are wondering whether college paper writing services are legitimate or when to use them, here is a quick rundown of what you need to know:

  • 1. College paper writing services are a legitimate and under-used online service that can genuinely help students who otherwise struggle with writing or are learning English as a second language. There are many misconceptions among students, and even some professors, about online writing services. But if you know what to look for, these services can be a tremendous asset to your college experience.
  • 2. However, it is critical to choose the right type of college paper writing service in order to receive top-quality, legitimate help and avoid plagiarism (we will talk more about how to do this at the end of this post).
  • 3. A top-quality college paper writing service can help you with things like:
    • Proofreading and editing
    • Drafting an outline and working from an example paper
    • Researching and citing correctly

2) Social media

It may sound ironic, especially considering the “no phone” policy found in many classrooms. However, if used in the right way (rather than as a distraction), social media can actually be a great resource. Here are some ways you can use the power of social media to help you out:

  • Connect with your professors on social media. This shows engagement, which professors like. Some professors may also be willing and available to answer questions via online student groups and forums. Check with your class and instructor to see if they are available to connect online.
  • Look for recommendations. Whether you are looking for recommendations for the best takeout for an all-nighter study session or for a college paper writing service, social media is a great place to ask friends and read reviews.

3) Your on-campus IT center

Despite the many ways technology has evolved, tech issues can still cause incredible stress. When using a cloud-based network, sharing files, or working on a huge project like a dissertation, you will want to make sure your online documents are filed, labeled, and saved meticulously. Particularly when editing multiple drafts, tech concerns can come up in a variety of ways from correctly formatting to ensuring sure your personal laptop is running up to speed.

If you are troubleshooting issues on your personal devices or simply have questions about how to use a particular software, reach out to your campus’ IT center. Campus IT experts can help eliminate a lot of frustration. If you are not sure how to contact your campus IT center, reach out to your general student resource center in your campus lobby or student information center.

4) On-campus fitness centers

Campus fitness centers are often thought of as being extracurricular, just for fun, or just for college athletes. However, most colleges and universities have fitness centers that are available to all students.

Stay focused. Staying mentally and physically healthy is a key to staying focused and thinking clearly while studying. If you have not already taken advantage of your campus fitness center, consider checking it out. Start with a physical activity you enjoy whether it is swimming, running, biking, lifting weights, or yoga. Some campus centers will even offer complimentary fitness classes. Check with your fitness center front desk for more information.

Take breaks and fuel up. Take frequent study breaks. Stand up, stretch, breath deep, and drink water at least every hour. This helps keep blood flowing to your brain and keeps pesky brain-fog at bay. Plus, research reveals big connections between mood and food. Eating healthy snacks like plenty of protein and veggies helps to keep your energy level and mood up through exams and big projects.

5) Your professor’s office hours

Most professors have office hours that are meant to be a resource for students. During office hours, professors are generally available to students who would like to stop by and ask questions or schedule an appointment. Most professors appreciate students making the effort to connect. Plus, it always helps to put a face to a name. So, whether you have questions about a specific assignment or simply want to initiate a healthy professor-student relationship, make the first connection by stopping by.

If you are unsure of your professor's office hours, email them to clarify their hours and to see if you need to make an appointment first. Your professor will appreciate this initiative. It will also make future communication easier since your professor will already recognize your face.

6) Crisis hotlines

There are a lot of stigmas around the term “crisis hotline.” But, it is important to know that crisis hotlines are not only for severe situations. If you are ever struggling or need support in any way, it is completely OK to call a crisis hotline. There is no reason to be embarrassed. In fact, they are a helpful resource that can connect students with licensed, compassionate professionals. Here are a few situations in which a crisis hotline can be a great resource:

  • Feeling emotionally overwhelmed by work and school.
  • Struggling through relationship challenges.
  • Situations that feel unsafe or scary.
  • Feeling alone and simply needing someone to talk to.

Simply having someone to talk through challenges with can help things feel much less stressful. This can help you to focus more easily on school. Not to mention, if you are already dealing with a personal issue, school can feel even more overwhelming. College is a pivotal time, emotionally and mentally, for many students. That is why these types of resources are made readily available.

7) Tutors and writing centers

The importance of writing during college can not be stressed enough. This is why the first resource we mentioned was college paper writing services. On campus tutors and writing centers are also an option when it comes to getting paper writing help.

Tutor groups. If you are finding a certain subject tricky, check out your college’s free tutoring services. Often, universities will post specific tutor group hours for various subjects. Writing help may be offered in an individualized way, but usually writing assistance is offered to groups of students who attend tutoring classes offered by the campus writing center.

Getting individualized help. Campus writing center resources can be a great help, but if you are looking for more individualized, customized, in-depth support, a college paper writing service is a great way to find help that relates to a specific writing assignment.

When you look online for paper writing help, nothing is more important than ensuring you work with a top-tier service. Top tier college paper writing services such as Ultius offer customized help and 100% original, proofread content.

Ultius writing services

As helpful as on-campus tutoring and writing centers can be, often free services such as these will only provide group tutoring. There are many times you may need individualized assistance instead. Ultius is a top-rated college paper writing service that provides individualized assistance with things like:

  • Proofreading
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Editing, organizing and outlining
  • Researching, citations, and formatting
  • Providing example papers as guides that meet the exact instructions of your assignment

Here are just three of many things that make Ultius different from other college paper writing services online:

Custom, original writing

Plagiarism is a huge concern among students today, not to mention an academic offense. This is why Ultius takes it so seriously and provides 100% original content that is checked for plagiarism. Also, Ultius only hires the top 6% of writers who apply to work with the company. This means that students who work with Ultius are paired with world class writers who are expert scholars and can follow directions to a T.

Delivered quickly

Getting help quickly and turning in an assignment on time is key. Ultius gives students the option to place urgency orders.

If you do not have time to visit your campus writing center or to make a tutoring appointment, Ultius provides great overnight and same-day assistance.

Free revisions

No doubt, ordering from a college paper writing service online for the first time can be a bit nerve wracking. Thankfully, Ultius offers free revisions. This helps reduce stress and allows you to feel confident that you will receive the editing assistance and/or example paper that fits your needs.

Plus, the writer-client messaging platform provided by Ultius makes communicating with your writer easy. If you are working on a lengthy project such as a dissertation, this is extremely helpful since you will likely be developing your project over time and needing help from writing experts rather than just a simple example paper.

Whether you are looking for college essay help or are needing more general help perfecting your writing skills, working with a top-tier college paper writing service makes the process much less stressful and more cost-efficient.



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