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15 Research Paper Writing Topics You Will See in College

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If you’re preparing for your college career, there’s a handful of key research paper topics you’ll want to get familiar with. When it comes to understanding these topics, research paper writing services are a great resource to turn to.

This guide will help you prepare for college by learning what type of research papers you can expect, as well as how and when a research paper writing service can help you with the writing process.

With the multitude of online and academic resources available today, there’s no reason to feel intimidated by new topics, or by your first research assignment. Check out these most common research paper topics you will see in college and what you should know when you come across each.

15 Common Research Paper Writing Topics: What You Need to Know

You’ll likely encounter many different research topics during the course of a four-year degree, but these are some of the most popular topics assigned to and chosen by today’s students. Your focus of study also determines which topics you’ll see.

First, here are some general rules of thumb to guide you in writing research papers:

  • Depending on your class and focus of study, each topic will probably require a slightly different format and citation style
  • The most common citation styles are APA and MLA style
  • Most academic research papers will require you to use credible, scholarly, empirical sources. Some (especially nursing and graduate research papers) will even require you to use peer-reviewed sources that are current and were published during the past five years
  • Business research papers may allow you to cite credible news articles and/or business forums. Make sure you know your school’s policy and course’s specific requirements
  • If you’re struggling to find or know if a source is empirical or peer-reviewed, a research paper writing service can offer helpful tips and assistance

Students are writing about these topics because of their relevance in today’s job market—and they’re finding guidance from research paper writing services (with things like outlining, formatting and topic ideas) when they need it.

1. Business Management and CSR

If you’re a business major (or taking any business pre-requisite classes) this one’s for you.

More and more businesses are realizing the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR). What in the world is CSR? CSR basically describes business practices in which a large corporation realizes what a big influence their conduct has on their surrounding community—and starts acting upon it.

When a business recognizes that their actions matter to consumers, a business may start engaging in CSR practices. Socially responsible practices usually align business values with the values of the community.

Here are some examples of what CSR practices a business might adopt:

  • donating to charity,
  • using recyclable materials,
  • or promoting fairness and equality in the workplace.

Often times, businesses must change their management processes in order to incorporate CSR.

Since CSR is becoming more and more popular among today’s industries, you might come across it as an essay topic, or at least while doing your research. Since CSR goes hand-in-hand with business management and strategic management, you’ll probably need to be familiar with both. This can seem like a somewhat complex subject, but once you break it down, it’s fairly simple. If you’re struggling to know where to start, try consulting a research paper writing service that can provide you with writing sample examples to clarify these concepts.

2. Technology and Healthcare

It’s amazing how fast technology is advancing—exponentially fast! It’s no surprise that it’s impacting and changing every aspect of our lives—from our social interactions to our work. Similarly, technology is changing the way healthcare is delivered, and in some cases it’s a highly controversial topic. So, whether you’re studying ethics, nursing, pre-med, computer science or psychology, you’ll likely end up researching this topic in some way.

If your paper is for a pre-med or nursing class, it will probably require APA format. If it’s for a technology class, it may require a less common citation style, such as IEEE. A research paper writing service can help you cite correctly.

3. Global Politics

This is a broad topic, but nonetheless, increasingly popular. Today, technology is making global communications faster and easier. This means that business and politics are changing and taking place on a more global (instead of national) scale. If you’re taking a political science, government, business, or finance class, you might be asked to critically research how global politics are changing. Research papers discussing global politics might require citations styles such as MLA, APA, Harvard, or others. If you find yourself getting stuck find help from a top-quality research paper writing service.

4. Psychology: Mental Health Disorders

Whether you’re studying psychology, social studies or nursing, this is a common topic. Mental health disorders affect a large percentage of the US and global populations. This means healthcare professionals, policymakers, psychologists and social workers must all be in-the-know about the latest research on mental health and how it affects our society. Most psychology papers require APA format, but check with your class to be sure. Want to see this in action? Check out this mental illness essay sample.

5. Health Care: Chronic Illness

Just like mental health disorders, chronic illness is a big concern in today’s modern world. Students pursuing nursing degrees or studying pre-med need to be well-versed on how chronic illness is impacting today’s healthcare systems, common illnesses, treatments, as well as political and social issues linked to chronic illness. Again, most medical and nursing papers require APA style, but this can vary depending on your school. Check with a research paper writing service if you’re not sure how to format.

6. Nursing and Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

Health care is simply a popular topic in today’s colleges—which is why so many “common topics” relate to it. And It’s not surprising, considering there’s a global shortage of qualified nurses and a huge healthcare need.

If you’re pursuing nursing, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll need to write about evidence-based practice (EBP). EBP relates to the practice of integrating research findings into clinical practice settings. It can be a tricky topic, and often requires you to develop things like a “PICO” question, a problem statement and conduct rigorous research from medical journals. If it feels like a lot, remember, you’re not the only one! And, there’s plenty of resources out there to help!

7. Business Management and Leadership Style

Similar to the way the CSR is a popular topic, leadership style is also a common subject in business. Traditional business leadership (during the industrial revolution) was modeled mostly around transactional leadership styles. But today, business leaders are realizing how important it is for employees to be part of a collaborative team. Therefore, styles like transformational leadership are becoming more and more popular in college.

If you’re just beginning your business studies, these terms might seem a little confusing at first, but once you see case studies and examples of how they work, it makes a lot of sense. Many research writing paper services will be able to provide you with a clear description and example of these terms.

8. Social Forecasting and Technology Assessments

Like we talked about earlier, technology is serving a bigger and more prominent role in our lives. So, it makes sense that researchers in business and technology are studying things like consumer trends and technology performance, in order to predict how successful their new products will be. Because technology is a part of almost every aspect of our lives, it’s not uncommon to write a research paper that relates to tech, even if you’re not an IT major. Social forecasting and technology assessment are a broad topic that studies how technology influences communities and how community values can impact technology’s role.

9. Education: ESL and Achievement Gaps

If you are an education major, you will probably run into this topic at some point. In America today, over ten percent of high school students are English language learners—which means future teachers (like you), are having to learn how to help students succeed despite language barriers. Most education papers will use APA or MLA formatting and may require research involving current data and statistics. Things like graduation rates and how well students are performing on standardized tests are just a few examples of topics you may come across as an education major. Research paper writing services can help you find up-to-date, credible statistics and sources.

10. Ethics

Although it’s a broad topic, ethics relates to just about every discipline. If you’re studying nursing or medicine, you’ll definitely need to write a research paper about ethics. Ethics also plays a role in policymaking and political science. If you’re a liberal arts major, you may need to research a topic of your choice and defend your ethical stance on the subject. Choosing a topic can sometimes be tough when you’re pressed for time, which is why research paper writing services can be such a great help when it comes to picking a topic. But be sure you choose a research paper writing service that allows you to communicate with a skilled writer so that you can collaborate through the process.

11. Cultural Studies and Equality

Today’s equality struggles and political debates are no secret. As a college graduate, writing a research paper that critically evaluates different issues related to culture, politics, equality and more can help prepare you to think critically from a solid foundation of knowledge whether you’re at the workplace, in a community or political discussion, or traveling. Here are some common topics relating to cultural studies and equality that you might see during your college career:

  • Income disparities among racial minorities
  • Women’s equality in the workplace
  • How cultural diversity affects workplace environments

12. Political Science and Policymaking

Policy and politics impact all industries from healthcare to education. For instance, if you’re getting your nursing degree, you might need to understand how you can be a leader and change agent for policy in the organization you work for after you graduate. Writing a research paper on how your topic of study relates to policy and politics can help make the topic even more real-world-relevant. Again, if you feel overwhelmed, there is plenty of help available from online learning resources such as research paper writing services.

13. Business: Conduct a SWOT Analysis or a Financial Analysis

A SWOT analysis stands for: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths. At some point, most business majors will have to write a paper in which they do a SWOT analysis, a financial analysis, or both, on a company of their choice (like Amazon. Wells Fargo or General Electric). If you’ve never done one before, it can help to see an example chart of a SWOT, just to get the ball rolling. If you’re not sure what a SWOT should look like, a research paper writing service can provide you with a great template.

14. IT: Data Security and Cybersecurity

Once again, technology takes the headlines. Naturally, because technology is changing and impacting so many areas of our lives, online and data safety is a huge and important topic for law students, tech students, education majors and science majors alike. Papers on data and IT security use a variety of citation styles and formats, so be sure to check with your school, or consult a research paper writing service if you’re stuck.

15. Environmental Policy

Industry is growing, which naturally means the natural environment is being more and more heavily impacted by human activity. As a result, environmental studies and policy is receiving a lot of attention. Even if you’re not majoring in environmental sciences, you might encounter this topic while you’re writing about another business industry.

How a Research Paper Writing Service Can Help

Remember, each of these topics is different, yet some bridge gaps between different subjects and you might end up discussing issues that overlap. Most likely, you’ll be required to use a certain template or format depending on what class or subject you’re writing your research paper for. This is where a research paper writing service can be helpful. A research paper writing service can help you understand things like:

  • How to organize or outline your thought process and a research paper in the best possible way
  • How to understand common issues related to your topic so that the writing process comes much easier
  • How to write in the correct citation style (and ace that grading rubric!)

Plus, a research paper writing service can help you with editing and proofreading so that your brilliance can shine!

Don’t see your topic listed? Or, have more questions about one of these topics? Check with a research paper writing service to see example essays and to learn more.



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