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10 (Crazy) Ways to Get through Finals

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Are you more stressed than ever? Have months of nonstop partying and binge drinking finally caught up with you? Is the research paper you have yet to start due in less than 8 hours? Do you find trouble coping with the fact that you haven’t actually learned anything in Philosophy 101 except that Socrates was a funny, bald man with a speech impediment who was executed?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, welcome to finals! 

In the early twentieth century, college administrators began realizing that students in their respective universities were simply having too much fun on campus. So they came up with finals week to at least make studying somewhat relevant for college students. 

This unfortunate time has been consistently labeled as something that helps students “in the real world,” something graduates know as complete, utter bull#*/ (sorry for the language). The real world, of course, is about people getting things done while the sun is out and spending a holistic approach to better their soul when it goes down. Not cramming a semester’s worth of information into a fun-filled evening.

So check out these 10 tips and let us know what the craziest thing you’ve ever done to get through finals week too! 

1. Energy Drinks

Finals week is all about getting sleep, eating healthy, and reviewing diligent notes you took throughout the semester. Yeah, right! Finals week is actually about overdosing on caffeine and eating fast food at 4:00AM while cramming for your next test. If you plan on obtaining a passing grade after missing 50% of your assignments and classes, we recommend taking advantage of every energy drink on the market. Personally, we have found NOS to be the most effective, followed swiftly by Red Bull and Monster. BEWARE! Be careful with the crash that comes along with energy drinks.

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2. End Communication with Lovers

If you’re in a relationship during finals week, GET OUT! Ok, maybe don’t “leave,” but at least reconsider how much time you are planning on spending with your partner before this week; relationship fights during finals can be the worst and most devastating. There’s no denying that relationships can be an awesome way to get through finals week. Sexual healing isn’t a bad way to go about relieving stress, either. But try and let your partner know that you’ll spend less time with him or her during finals. Couples spend so much time together in college; everything they do from class to social events are often intertwined. Understanding that you don’t need to spend every waking moment with your partner will really help you maintain a healthy relationship. Especially during finals.

3. Eat Bushels of Apples

If you’re like everyone else we’ve given this advice too, you probably think we are absolutely insane. But hold up, apples are proven to improve the brain’s capacity to think! Plus, if you eat a bunch of them over a short period of time, you might actually retain more knowledge. So keep in mind that if you’re looking for an extra bump in your next research paper or exam, chow down on some apples.

4. Take a Road-Trip

Taking a road-trip during the middle of finals may sound crazy, but it actually might help you preserve any degree of sanity you have left. Now don’t confuse this suggestion with driving to Mexico or across the country in between your next exam. However, if you have a solid break during finals, head over to a park to fish of visit something nature has to offer. Being outdoors during this week is great for your mind and soul. It isn’t human to spend every waking minute behind library doors.

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5. Stay Up to Make McDonald’s Breakfast

Whenever you can reach the goal of eating McDonald’s breakfast before bed, you have had a really, really successful night. Try to do the same during finals. Look, there is absolutely no chance that you’ll get more than a few hours of sleep every night anyway, so at least make it fun and eat as many McGriddles as possible! McDonald’s breakfast has not been proven to make you smarter or better in any way (in fact the opposite is more commonly argued), but who cares? It tastes great as the sun comes up.

6. Create a Study Guide on Google Docs

Only seasoned veterans of the trade know how to execute this perfectly. In either small or large classes, there are a number of kids who have actually done work and studied nightly. If you are one of those kids, eat some apples and have fun. For the rest of you, create a Google Doc and invite all of your classmates to it. Pose questions that you think your teacher will ask, write a few response lines and say, “hey everyone, add whatever information you think is necessary!” 

What will this do, you ask? Many students love impressing their peers by showing off how much information that have harnessed in a period of time. Let them fill all your questions with great, detailed answers. Then have a seat and study away.

7. Movie Soundtracks

Ever wonder what the best music to listen too while studying is? Researchers say that classical music most clearly enables the brain to think harder and better. But let’s be frank, who the hell listens to classical music anymore? Not to say that it can’t be great stuff, but in an age where Skrillex and Avicii may be your primary choices for musical entertainment, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony might not be your cup of tea. If that’s the case, head over to an online radio station, like Pandora, and listen to the multitude of movie soundtracks they have available. Great choices begin with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Gladiator, Braveheart, and others. If you are listening to music that helped Russell Crowe take control of the Roman Empire, it should be sufficient in also helping you pass Chemistry 101. Stay motivated, my friends.

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8. Release Steam: Play Golf

Golf has often been deemed one of the most psychologically challenging games in the history of mankind. So why do we suggest playing it during one of the most demanding times of your life? Because for a brief period of contact, you get to hit a ball as hard as you possibly can. Picture your professor’s face on the dimples that encompass a golf ball and swing away. Who cares if you hit it or not? Just make sure to keep your head still. When you’re all finished, you will have demolished fifty (50) little circles into the abyss.

9. Disable your Netflix Account

Netflix can be the most damaging thing to a college student’s academic goals. What’s possibly worse than having thousands of movies and shows at your disposal with no parental guidance to tell you to do something productive with your life? Aside from having thousands of explicit, adult movies at your disposal, of course. Yeah, not much. 

So during finals, disable your Netflix account. We promise, that extra episode of House of Cards, Friday Night Lights, or Weeds that you’ve been dying to watch can wait until after you’re done taking your exams.

10. Get Some Writing Help

Let’s be honest, what’s the best way to get through finals week? The answer is simple: get some writing or editing help by connecting with an awesome writer. That's what Ultius does and we are here to help you through our editing services or by writing you a sample to use for reference use.

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