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Essay Writing Service Reviews

Learn how to use writer reviews when you choose a writing service

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There are a lot of factors when it comes to choosing your professional writing solution. Ultius wants to help you out by walking you through the process of using customer reviews to help inform your decision. We're confident that after you consider the options, you'll decide on our world-class service.

The value of essay writing service reviews

Reading reviews can be a great way to determine whether a writing service is one you want to work with or not. But in today’s world flooded with online communication, almost anyone can post a review, for any reason--right? In other words, if you are reading paper writing service reviews, how do you know they are legitimate and accurately reflect the writing service you may want to hire?

True, almost anyone can post a review, but only two types of people would want to post reviews: clients and the company. In order to make sure you have the best experience possible with the writing service you hire, it is critical to make sure the writing service reviews accurately reflect clients’ experiences with the company. Essentially, you want to make sure the reviews aren’t biased or company-generated.

How to make sure “essay writing service reviews” are legit

Here are some tips for understanding how to find and accurately interpret paper writing service reviews.

  • Notice where reviews are posted. Reviews posted on a company website can be helpful. But it is also natural to find positive reviews on a company website since those reviews have likely been hand-picked and posted by the company. To make sure the reviews are not generated by the company, but instead are true and trustworthy, look to see how the company presents the reviews. For instance, Ultius is a writing service site that actually posts a live feed of reviews from multiple third parties on the Ultius website so that readers know they are reading accurate, up-to-date client experiences.
  • Look for reviews from multiple sources. In addition to reading essay writing service reviews on the company website, check out third party sites. Places like Google, Facebook, SiteJabber, and the Better Business Bureau are great places to find unbiased and verified client reviews. Want to go a step further? Visit sites like Glassdoor to read reviews from company employees. This can be a helpful way to understand the quality standards practiced by a research paper writing service.
  • Question 100% perfect reviews. Just as not every writer is an all-star, perfect match for every single client (which is why companies like Ultius source from over 2,000 writers), not every writing service is right for every situation. Sites with 100% perfect reviews are more likely to use fabricated, biased reviews than sites with the occasional low review. Basically, a site with a few varied reviews is more likely to be posting authentic feedback which means that site is probably more trustworthy. The key is to look for a writing service that has mostly positive reviews. Sites with between 4 and 5 stars on Google and Facebook, for example, are good targets.
  • Notice the tone. This may seem like a less important factor, but it is actually enormously important. If a site’s writing service reviews are all written in a similar way with a similar tone, a common length, and a similar level of professionalism, it is a red flag. Authentic customer reviews will be just as varied in tone as the clients who use the site. Some reviews may be just a couple words, such as “very good!,” while others may include a paragraph description of what a client appreciated most. Notice whether the tone of reviews feels real and honest or fabricated.
  • The more reviews, the better. If a site has lots of writing service reviews (even if some of them are varied), this is actually a better sign than having only a small handful of positive reviews. Think about it this way: it is easier for a site to generate a handful of their own biased, positive reviews than to populate multiple sites with a wealth of varied, mostly-positive reviews. More reviews are usually a better sign, as it often means large numbers of clients are satisfied and return.

3 reasons why reviews are super important

In addition to being able to get a feel for the quality of a writing service site, here are three key reasons why essay writing service reviews are so valuable:

  • Informed decisions. As a client, accurate reviews can help you make informed decisions about what writing service will best fit your needs. The best services are rarely the cheapest and if you need high quality content, you’ll want to be sure you are investing in a reliable choice.
  • Customer value and appreciation. Not only do paper writing service reviews help you decide what service to use, but they also provide a way for both clients and employees to voice concerns and share feedback. Ensuring clients are valued and heard is a crucial part of any company’s success.
  • Constructive feedback. Essay writing service reviews provide a writing service with constructive feedback the company can use to constantly improve. Without client feedback, it would be difficult to know what parts of a service need to change and what parts are stellar. No company or service in the world is 100% perfect, and client needs are constantly changing. But a key to being an excellent company is the ability to keep adapting to meet clients’ needs. This requires asking for and carefully listening to client feedback.

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How Ultius uses eaper writing service reviews

Based on client feedback, Ultius is known as America’s preferred choice for academic and professional custom writing. This high rating is partly due to how Ultius uses reviews. Here are some of the ways Ultius uses client and writer feedback to provide top quality content solutions.

  • Ultius constantly evolves based on client feedback. This is something Ultius has done since the company began. Client satisfaction is a top priority to Ultius. Naturally, the company’s services and options continually adapt to fit students’ and clients’ needs. For example, Ultius recently updated writing services to include the “request a writer” feature that allows clients to request favorite writers for different projects.
  • Writer and client feedback is incorporated into the decisions Ultius makes. Just like client feedback is important, writer feedback is also important to make sure things are working smoothly from all sides. In order for clients to have the best experience possible and receive top quality custom content, writer feedback is critical.
  • Clients are invited to share their feedback after they receive their final product. This helps Ultius gain valuable feedback from clients who may not otherwise choose to share, but may have valuable insight to offer.
  • Ultius posts reviews openly from third party sites for the public to read. Check out the Ultius review page to read client reviews from multiple third party sites or visit Glassdoor to read writer reviews.

There are also a few things about Ultius reviews that stand out from other paper writing service reviews.

What is different about Ultius reviews?

We are proud of our thousands of reviews and take our duty to our clients’ feedback very seriously. Years of cultivating a positive writer and client experience have resulted in a rich and reliable catalog of opinions for you to browse at your convenience and incorporate into your decision-making process. Here are some of the reasons Ultius reviews are considered especially trustworthy and credible.

  • Ultius posts a live feed of reviews from multiple third party sites directly onto the Ultius website. We trust that our experience will result in honest and usually positive feedback so there is no need for us to filter what you see.
  • Writer and client reviews are openly available for the public to read on sites like Facebook, Google, SiteJabber, the BBB and Glassdoor. You can also see how much effort we have put into responding to and satisfying reviewers who may have had an experience below their expectations.
  • Ultius recognizes that posting honest reviews is critical. Dishonest or biased reviews do not help any company succeed. Rather, they only create a gap between services and reviews that will eventually result in fewer clients. However, if reviews do accurately reflect great customer service and high quality writing, it is a win-win for clients and the company. This is why Ultius uses essay writing service reviews to constantly improve and why most of the company’s reviews are positive.
Cumulative comparative table of top online writing services
Based on the comparison of eight points, it is clear that Ultius is the most credible of the all the most popular online services.


In review, if you are looking for honest, trustworthy paper writing service reviews, here are some of the best places to look:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Google Reviews
  • Facebook Reviews
  • SiteJabber
  • Company websites (but make sure they are presented in a credible way, as mentioned above)
  • Glassdoor (this is a great place to read internal, employee reviews)

Finally, here is a summary checklist of things to consider when making sure research service reviews are legitimate:

  • Notice where the reviews are posted (look for third party, unbiased sites).
  • Beware of 100% perfect reviews (look for mostly great reviews).
  • Notice the tone and look for reviews that sound authentic.
  • The more reviews, often the better.

When you are investing in your education, it is important to choose a research paper writing service that is highly reviewed. Connect with a company that has credible paper writing service reviews.

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