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When people today hear the word "extremism," the first thing they probably think of is Islamic terrorists. But in fact, that is only a very narrow form of extremism. There are many other kinds that permeate modern American life. According to Oxford Dictionaries, extremism can be defined as "the holding of extreme political or religious views," with a synonym being "fanaticism."  Extremism in everyday life This definition could be extended to include holding extreme intellectual views of any kind.  It is necessary to clarify wh...
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The Democratic and Republican Parties within the United States are probably more polarized today than they have ever been in modern memory. According to some studies, party identification within the United States is a more important predictor of values and behaviors than demographic factors such as race and gender (Westwood et al.). The politics of division The purpose of this sample political essay provided by Ultius is to critically evaluate the history of partisanship within the United States. The essay will have five main parts.The f...
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Lately, there has been a large amount of talk about impeaching current President of the United States, Donald Trump. Is this possible, and what does impeachment mean? It should be observed that impeachment is possible, but it is a largely political matter. This means that it depends a lot more on which way the wind is blowing than on the specific facts at hand, unless those facts become so egregiously damning that no one can ignore them any longer. What is the likelihood Trump is impeached? Impeachment is not actually a legal matter. As Andre...
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The significance of dark matter In the field of astrophysics, dark matter has emerged as an important concept. It is called "dark" because it has yet to be detected, and no one yet knows what the stuff really is. The purpose of the present sample essay is to explore the significance of dark matter. The essay will begin with a general overview of the concept. Then, it will proceed to consider the scientific implications of dark matter. Finally, the essay will reflect on how the idea of dark matter could perhaps open up new vistas to the imagina...
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If you aren't a fan of the X-Men franchise, you may not know that Logan is the actual name of the X-man, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). Logan is the final chapter in the saga of Wolverine, with a recent line of films that have both focused on Wolverine as part of the X-Men team and followed his own personal story. This sample movie review discusses how Logan is like no superhero movie you've ever seen before; it breaks most of the conventions of the genre. The result is an emotional cinematic experience that has much greater human depth than an...
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It’s simply amazing how important new technologies have become in our lives, and how rapidly those technologies are changing and evolving. At this rate, it is safe to say that there are many industries that may become completely obsolete within the next decade, because of new opportunities and possibilities becoming realized through emerging technologies. In fact, we can already see this happening before our eyes. This sample informal essay will start by providing some historical context, and then it will proceed to consider some examples of in...
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Why Capitalism Is a Volatile System Capitalism is the quintessential modern economic system, and it has been largely responsible for the huge production of wealth over the past couple centuries within the context of the developed world. And yet, it is also clear that widespread economic disparities persist at both the national and global levels, and that capitalism seems to be only making these disparities worse. The raises the question: why is capitalism not working in the way that it was supposed to work? This sample short essay will attemp...
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E-cigarettes are a new technology that allow people to absorb nicotine into their systems using vaporizers as opposed to traditional cigarettes. Some stakeholders argue that this is a great innovation that can help smokers shift away from the habit through the use of a much less dangerous alternative, whereas others argue that this new technology is dangerous and will actually introduce a new generation to smoking. Moreover, the legal and regulatory frameworks across the nation are patchy when it comes to e-cigarettes: given the nature of the ...
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It is a well-known fact that many Americans are still economically struggling as the nation moves out of the recent recession, with younger people being saddled with debt and often unable to find well-paying jobs. The concept of the living wage becomes an important one. The living wage refers to a significant spike in the minimum wage, such that all working Americans would be able to expect an increase in the qualities of their lives. Sample research proposal on the living wage  At face value, this sounds like a great thing: after all, a...
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Infowars is a somewhat popular source for political news within the contemporary United States. What is less clear, though, is whether it deserves this kind of following. The purpose of the present sample critical essay provided by Ultius is to conduct an overview and critique of Infowars. The essay will begin with an overview of Infowars as such. Then, it will proceed to consider Infowars' perspective on the shooting at Sandy Hook as a case study of the kind of perspective that Infowars provides. After this, the essay will turn to a discussion...
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