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Ultius Security Bulletins

Ultius Security Bulletins

The latest information on security incidents related to your Ultius account - and more.

Protecting your online security through awareness

We live in a world where online security is an ongoing issue. From Target to the IRS, no entity is safe. At Ultius, one of our core causes and commitments is promoting online security and privacy. That's why we are collecting and sharing information on the most recent digital security related incidents. We want our customers to stay safe and make sure their online accounts - and data - are safe. Within each incident, we highlight the following core pieces of information:

  • Summary of the incident: service, number of users impacted, other reporting
  • Threat level
  • Steps to change your password (with images)
  • Some best practices to follow

We hope that you will find this information useful. We initially built this page to inform our staff internally, but we feel as though it's important enough to share with the rest of the public.

History of incidents

Browse recent security related incidents that may impact your Ultius account.

Incident Summary Threat
Reddit Reports "Serious" Breach14 Jun. 2018 On August 1, 2018, Reddit announced via their blog that a hacker comprised several employee accounts with cloud and source code providers. The attack took place over the course of four days between the 14th and 18th of June 2018. Various bits of data from long-time users was compromised, and the company is working to clean everything up.
Expanded LinkedIn Breach2 Jan. 2017 Since announcing a compromise in 2012, LinkedIn shared that the initial breach estimate of 6.5 million user accounts was incorrect. A darkweb hacker was reported selling over 117 million LinkedIn accounts, suggesting that the breach was more serious. Read background information about the event and change your password following the steps provided.
Yahoo Account Breach22 Sep. 2016500 million Yahoo accounts were compromised in 2014 and the company is now announcing it. Read detailed instructions on how to change your password as well as some other security best practices for securing your account in the future.

Additional security resources

Keeping your online accounts secure is no easy task, and Ultius is here to help. That's why we are sharing a healthy list of security best practices that we use at the company. Please remember that while we link to external resources and service providers, we receive no compensation from them as they are not affiliate links. Our only goal is ensuring that you keep your account with us secure.

We recommend following these best practices for securing your online accounts.


Don't reuse passwords

If you have unique passwords, you can minimize the potential damage of a security breach with one of your accounts. Make sure that all of your passwords are unique, especially for important accounts such as online banking and social media.

Read an article by ZDNet


Check if you've been exposed

Since data breaches are so common, it's important to always be on alert. An online service called haveibeenpwned.com lets you check if your email or username was compromised as part of any major breach. The service works and we recommend it.

Check if you're impacted
Dashlane password manager

Use a password manager

Modern life requires having many online accounts. It's almost impossible to be secure and remember all of your credentials. We recommend using a secure password manager. After all, we use Dashlane internally at the company too.

Learn more about Dashlane


Use a password generator

It may be easier to pick memorable passwords, but nothing beats software generating ones that are difficult to crack. Using password generators ensures that your credentials cannot be easily cracked by someone, even a person close to you.

Create strong passwords


Turn on two-factor authentication

Two factor authentication requires you to validate every account access attempt with either an SMS, a code from an authenticator app or other means. We recommend turning it on with all available online services. You can never be too safe.

Learn more about this technology


Make sure your connection is encrypted

SSL is online encryption that protects your communications. When browsing websites (and inputting personal details), make sure that the URL has HTTPS in green. Always check your browser bar for the SSL indicator.

See an example

Scan dangerous links before clicking

Be wary of strange links on less known websites and emails from strangers. Before clicking on them, make sure to scan the URL to see if it's malicious. The service linked below will check the link against a database of existing threats.

Visit scanURL to test links




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