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Producing a dissertation, a project that requires so many pages and drafts, might seem like an almost insurmountable task. However, with sound advice from a seasoned writer, the process doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. To set him or herself up for success, a dissertation writer should choose his topic and dissertation advisor carefully; the individual should be thorough in research, stay organized through the pre-writing stage, and write with discipline and good technique. Remaining responsive to feedback from classmates and committee members is also vital in obtaining proper dissertation help.

First, for a dissertation writer to succeed in his or her dissertation, they must selectively choose their topic and committee advisor. Brainstorming for even just thirty minutes, a writer can maximize the number of ideas that may go into their paper. Narrowing down thesis ideas is also instrumental to writing a good dissertation. Writing is a mental process in which the individual must continuously alter their ideas, honing an argument that eventually holds merit. Following these steps and others will offer great dissertation assistance for you in your quest to write a good paper. Otherwise, Ultius offers various dissertation writing services that you can use for each chapter.

Next is to execute research for a dissertation, it is important that you acquire the right sources. Below are a list of some of the best websites students should use to site their sources. Please note that while Google search can also be useful, one must not place so much emphasis on it, as the validity of the sources you can attain from the Internet are not always sufficient for academic work.

  • Google Scholar
  • LexisNexis
  • E-Journal.Org

Obviously, as beneficial as good academic journal articles can be to improve your dissertation, you will also need books and a wealth of other knowledge that can only be found in your school’s library. This is one of the most pertinent pieces of dissertation help we can give; your sources must be legitimate and suffice your argument. Lastly, in preliminary research, it is prudent to make sure that the topic is not so overdone and previously written on so that there is fresh research to build up and sharpen a new, unique argument.

More Dissertation Assistance

Another crucial piece of dissertation assistance our writing team at Ultius can give to students beginning the long and egregious process is choosing the correct advisors and mentors. Whomever the professor that works with you will ultimately be of enormous influence to your dissertation and thesis proposal. This individual, who should be an expert in the subject and topic you are writing on, can also serve as a mentor. And make no mistake, mentorship with things like your final collegiate dissertation is crucial. If possible, the writer should choose a professor which whom he or she already has formed a relationship with, and was been responsive to previous academic inquiries and emails. Once this important partnership is made, the writer may then take his or her narrowed down list of topics to a final advisor.

Before bringing your proposal straight to your department advisor, however, we recommend finding yet another mentor to your proposal. This person should instead come from outside the walls of an academic institution and bring their unique form of dissertation help to the table. For example, if your paper is one public works in Southern California, it will be first central to your paper’s development that you meet with someone in the Los Angeles Department of Public Works. In short, these individuals will help you grasp the real-world implications of your dissertation, something which will be truly beneficial to your higher-level understanding of your topic. And remember, before making a final decision on a topic, keep in mind that you will be writing about your respective subject matter for months of your life. So make it something you are interested in!

Research for your Dissertation can be Tricky

After choosing an intriguing topic and strong thesis advisor, you will now be ready to tackle the research stage. As previously mentioned, gathering proper sources is central to your argument. You cannot skimp on attaining quality sources! Moreover, if you are looking for further dissertation help on sources, you can also visit various sites on Google to find how academic scholars and journalists best identify quality books and articles.

Yet nothing will beat your school’s library in providing you with the most varied wealth of sources. The books at your disposal in college are one of the few resources that you have at your hands that will never evaporate. They are ever-constant. Take advantage of them! You’re only young once, so gain as much knowledge as you can before you enter the real world. If you are having trouble finding books and hardcopy sources to better your dissertation, try to meet with your school’s librarian; these individuals are trained to help students solve problems just like this. Lastly, an organized thesis writer must find their primary sources as early as possible, and prepare and plan for all their time with such documents. Primary sources are instrumental to a successful dissertation and your piece will be noticeably flawed without these resources at your disposal. Remember the difference between secondary and primary sources is that the latter are first-hand accounts and documentation of events, while the former is simply analysis of past events. While there is far more information you’ll need to conduct good, informative research this dissertation help may be enough to get you started.

Once you have completed the research stage, you are ready to move on to the prewriting stage. In this stage, you must try to stay organized. Using your thesis chair, advisor, and mentors, plan on spending a great deal of time discussing any organizational challenges you may have come across in the first few months of researching your topic. It is important, through all of this dissertation assistance and help from other parties, to make a concerted effort to set up a clear outline. If there are no particular challenges to the outline, you can start by laying out detailed notes from secondary sources, interviews or surveys. You must also start deciding at this stage what you will be arguing and what evidence you will specifically use to support your thesis.

All about your Thesis

The thesis should not be in complete sentences, but in note form, except for specific quotes and page numbers. For each portion it should go into minute detail and analysis for each area that will be discussed. The only full sentences in the outline should be the thesis statement; the restatement of the thesis should be reworded in the conclusion. By writing out a thesis and staying as detailed as possible, it ensures the writer’s thesis will follow the organized guide map he has created for himself. Once a writer is done prewriting, he is ready to write. 

After that, the writing stage should involve initially writing with discipline and editing and rewriting to add in good technique. By writing with discipline, you should set aside blocks of time, almost as you would to study, to work on writing the thesis. Four hour digestible blocks of time for thesis writing allow for maximum quality of writing. If you are having trouble getting started, just getting something down on paper should be helpful, even if it will need to be edited later. The first draft is rarely perfection, but following the framework of the outline, at least it will be organized. These steps offer great dissertation help, as no one has ever gone wrong being too organized!

A thesis writer should also save and back up their work frequently. It may sound obvious, but nothing is more frustrating than to lose a 40-page thesis to a crashing computer or a virus. The only way to stop this from happening is to keep a copy backed up on a flash drive, and periodically print it out on paper so at least a version exists somewhere. You can even send yourself emails after completing specific sessions of work. When a writer has completed a solid rough draft, their last step is to begin editing for the subject and verb agreement, grammar, punctuation and spelling. Reading the thesis out loud as frequently as possible will ensure more errors will be caught. These simple rules can make a world of difference in a first draft, for elementary-aged students to Masters or PhD students.

Finally, a writer’s thesis is still far from complete until he or she takes it to his committee and his classmates, and he graciously receives their feedback. A writer can have the committee check for errors. Some of the best dissertation assistance can come from your peers, and there is no shame in listening to your friends’ suggestions about your paper. After all, it is your defining collegiate work! Writers should listen carefully to their criticisms, whether from a content or grammatical standpoint, and make necessary changes. Furthermore, if a writer has time and energy, he or she can organize a thesis group to edit other classmates’ work and have them edit their dissertations. He should listen to their feedback as an objective audience. If you get conflicting feedback on any portion of the thesis, remember that you can always go to your chair for advice. And most importantly, you must always remember to remain humble, and take action in response to criticism. There is no use in putting your pride above listening for constructive ways to improve your work; that’s no way to put dissertation help to use.

The process of writing a dissertation is a grueling one. Our writers can help keep your dissertation writing schedule on track, so you have plenty of time every step of the way.


Overall, a writer should choose their ideas and group selectively, use research in depth, pre-write with organizational attention, write and rewrite with discipline and use advanced writing strategies, and listen to feedback. If you follow these simple steps to writing a dissertation, you too may join the ranks of other promising young writers who have gone on to accomplish great things after their collegiate careers. Good luck in completing your dissertation. We hope that this dissertation help will be beneficial in helping you achieve academic success! And remember, Ultius is always here for your academic needs, no matter the time of day.

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