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Causes and Commitments

In life, caring about the "issues at hand" is seen as admirable and noble. However, we believe that true commitment and respect for national issues requires a proactive effort. That being said, the following are commitments and causes that we not only believe in, but work hard every day towards impacting:

Eliminating student loan debt

As of 2012, student loan debt topped 1 trillion dollars (yes, that’s a T). Many of these students graduated with professional degrees and cannot find jobs. Ultius is committed to providing these talented graduates with a platform to use their skills in the new knowledge economy to help pay off student loan debt.

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Bringing jobs back to America

The total U.S. unemployment rate is 5.5% as of March of 2015. Ultius is committed to helping close this gap by only hiring American writers. While tackling national unemployment is a formidable challenge, we believe that companies that commit to hiring domestically set a positive example. 

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Helping shape the new knowledge economy

With major declines in manufacturing jobs, the new knowledge economy is heavily expanding. We believe that the new economy will be filled with marketplace-esque platforms (like us) where individuals will have the fidelity to shape their own careers through freelancing and self-employment. Coupled with technology, we believe that giving people the option to explore different career paths is fundamentally a good thing.

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Promoting online privacy and security

Online privacy is being threatened on a daily basis - whether from governments or malicious agents. The spirit of the internet was and is to make information free and accessible for all, and security considerations are a negative side effect of that. Ultius deeply believes in promoting a free and open internet that is safe for everyone to use - to matter their technical expertise. That's why we inform our customers (and the public) of security related incidents and write about it on our blog. When it comes to online privacy laws and security best practices, it's everyone's job to contribute.

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