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Fine Print

One major reason that our writer ecosystem has grown so quickly is because of our commitment to transparency about how we do things. If you are interested in working for the company, then you may have read some of the reviews on Glassdoor about being a writer. While there are many positive comments and notes, some writers did have frustrations and therefore expressed their concerns. In an effort to provide adequate transparency for future writers, we have decided to publish some of the major questions and concerns that potential writers have. 

How will I be paid?

Ultius processes its writer payments twice a month using PayPal, the easy way to pay online. A PayPal account is required for receiving compensation. Because you are receiving funds via PayPal, they charge a 2.9% fee on the transaction. This is not an Ultius fee, it's a PayPal fee. For full disclosure regarding this, see PayPal's schedule of fees

I don't want to use PayPal, can I be paid any other way?

Unfortunately, we have tried several other payment methods and have determined that the most economically efficient way to process the high volume is with PayPal. For example, if we use checks, then they may get lost in the mail, get stolen, delay your payment if we have the wrong address or you move. Additionally, this would add increased cost on our end, which may impact overall writer payouts. If another convenient solution comes along, we are happy to consider using it. 

What are writer deductions and why do you have them?

If a writer completes an order and it doesn't meet the deadline or page length requirements, then our editors have to spend time fixing it and the customer may be entitled to a refund. In these cases, we utilize an internal deduction policy that is reasonable and flexible in terms of random circumstances. Rest assured, we don't use deductions to "boost profit margins" or punish writers, and it's merely a preventative and deterrent measure so that we can uphold our quality standards. 

I'm not American, can I apply?

Unfortunately, one of the core promises that we make to customers is that all of our writers are American. For that reason, we do not hire foreign writers. 

I read that I will be asked to write a short sample document. What is this and how will you use it?

Some potential writers have reacted poorly towards our request for an on-demand writing sample. However, this is an important step in our hiring process. Because our hiring manager will never meet you in person, this writing sample is our way of conducting a follow-up interview with you. Also, because many foreign writers attempt to bypass our hiring restrictions by being untruthful on their resumes, the writing sample ensures that your credentials match up with your writing capabilities.

Finally, we only use your sample as a reference point for the hiring process. After that it is archived and not used for anything. The sample document is not resold, reused or redistributed to customers or anywhere else. We promise. 

What happens if I plagiarize?

We have no tolerance for plagiarism in our writing staff. We use several online scanning tools to determine authenticity, so we usually catch it. If a writer is caught with submitting work that they did not originally produce, then they are terminated immediately and their owed funds are paid out within a few days.

I heard that the work is demanding, is that true?

Indeed, being an Ultius writer isn't easy. We do promote very high standards in terms of our end product because our customers rely on our expertise for their most important writing projects. The standards are high, but the support system that we offer for writers is extremely strong as well. We have a major incentive to ensure your success, so we will do everything in our power to make sure that you have the resources needed to do well.

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