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Grammar Glossary

Search English grammar definitions like adjectives, nouns and pronouns.

Grammar term categories

Narrow down your search for a grammar entry by locating the category. Review category descriptions and see the most popular terms people are reading.


Adjectives modify nouns and provide more meaning about the subject while adverbs adjust the meaning of other adverbs, verbs and adjectives. Adverbs commonly end in "-ly," but not always.

All adjectives/adverbs

Verbs and tenses

Verbs are words used to describe an action, state or occurrence and usually form the predicate of the sentence. Tenses are generally expressed as verbs and indicate time reference.

All verbs/tenses


Pronouns are words that take the place of nouns or noun phrases when referring to persons, places or things. Some of the most common examples include: I, you, she, it, and this.

All pronouns


Prepositions (part of speech) are words that usually precede nouns, noun phrases, and pronouns to indicate a spatial relationship between things: examples include by, to, and on.

All prepositions

Prefixes and suffixes


Prefixes and suffixes (known as affixes) are words fixed before or after other words in order to modify meanings. Together they form a derivative and include examples like: -fy, -ing, re-, and un-.

All prefixes/suffixes


Nouns (a part of speech) are words used to identify persons, places, ideas, qualities and things. They can act as the main subject in a sentence and do not include pronouns.

All nouns


Punctuation marks are symbols used in writing to separate sentences and add clarity. Most written languages use punctuation and examples include: periods ".", exclamations "!", and hashtags "#".

All punctuation

General vocabulary

The discipline of English grammar relies on a broad number of general vocabulary terms to help define, clarify, and illustrate the meaning of categorized terms (like parts of speech).

All vocabulary terms

What's included with each entry

Each grammar glossary entry is brief (roughly 600 words) and includes enough information for you to understand the term, see correct usage and discover related entries based on the category.

  • Concise definition
  • Relevance to writing
  • Usage rules
  • Correct/incorrect examples
  • Related terms/concepts
  • Origins and ubiquity

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