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Stuck finalizing your paper before handing it in? Proofreading services from Ultius will ensure that an educated and experienced writer carefully goes through your final draft. We will make sure to catch grammar, context or spelling mistakes so you can feel confident when it's ready to be graded.

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Why Buy Proofreading Services From Ultius?

When you buy the proofreading services of Ultius, your paper will be completed to your exact specifications with zero typos or grammatical errors. Unlike other proofreading service providers, our team is staffed exclusively with college educated writers and editors, all of whom are highly versed in the intricacies and complexities of the English language. Our proofreaders comb over every word and sentence of each essay to ensure that all finished assignments will meet the academic standards of universities throughout the US. Best of all, Ultius offers direct mobile and online access, which keeps you in contact around the clock with the proofreader who handles your assignment.

The process of buying proofreading services from Ultius can all be completed with the following three easy steps:

  1. Fill out the Ultius order form    
  2. Process the order with your preferred means of payment 
  3. Receive an email notification once your assignment has been completed

When you go to the order page to purchase proofreading services or buy essays from Ultius, you'll be presented with various options. Pricing will depend on the academic level and page count of your assignment, as well as the amount of time you give us to complete your order. The Ultius price calculator will help you determine a reasonable price based on the needs of your assignment.

A proofreader will be assigned to your paper soon after you submit your payment, which can be handled either online or over the phone. At Ultius, we accept various forms of payment, whether you prefer to pay directly via PayPal or with a credit or debit account from one of the four major card brands: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Our mobile and web interfaces provide various options for keeping you connected with your assigned proofreader. Any questions you might have about your assignment will be promptly answered, and any revisions that you might need will be given prompt attention. Once your assignment is finished, a notification will be sent to your smartphone or email inbox.

Ultius Amenities

The Ultius messaging system is designed to keep you and your proofreader connected around the clock. Once you fill out an order for our proofreading service, the person assigned to your paper will be on alert for any questions that you might have, as well as any clarifications that you might need to add to your initial instructions. From the moment you submit your order, our messaging system will make it easy for you to help us deliver a finished paper exactly to your specifications.

Mobile Site

Ultius can now be accessed from anywhere, thanks to our recently launched mobile site. Whether you wish to stay in contact with your proofreading specialist while on the go, or simply prefer the compact nature of mobile devices over computers, this new feature will allow you to send and receive messages about your order from an iPad, iPhone or Android. As long as you are within WiFi range, you will be able to check the status of your assignment and give additional instructions from virtually any setting, even when you're in the midst of dining, shopping, commuting, exercising, visiting friends and taking walks.

Revision Policy

If you choose to buy a fully written essay from Ultius, you are entitled to unlimited revisions on that paper for up to seven (7) days following its initial completion. Our team of writers, in turn, have up to three (3) days to complete each revision request. The guidelines of most college professors are often strict, and it sometimes takes multiple edits of a paper to make it perfectly match the requirements of a given assignment. For all these reasons and more, our writers and proofreading specialists are armed with the speed and flexibility necessary to handle as many revisions necessary to deliver your assignment with utmost perfectionism. 

American Writers

With our all-American staff, Ultius is different from other proofreading services, many of which outsource work to foreign countries. In most cases, companies that outsource this kind of work wind up producing poorly finished papers for their customers, because the writers and proofreaders in question merely speak English as a second language. At Ultius, our domestically born and raised staff is highly versed in the nuances and intricacies of the English language, from grammatical tense and pronoun usage to punctuation and homophones. Sporting advanced degrees in the various disciplines of higher learning, our staff is fully equipped to write, edit and proofread essays for every major and minor course topic.

Topic and DescriptionView

Argumentative Essay on Abortion: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

In order to construct a paper that will impress your instructors, you need to make sure it has no errors in grammar, syntax, or diction. This is a sample argumentative essay on abortion that has gone through Ultius and our quality proofreading service. Using Ultius means that you will have your paper edited by our American staff, all of whom are professional freelance writers.

Research Paper on Gun Control

Discussing controversial issues is difficult enough without a quality paper that has been proofread and edited to ensure proper grammar and structure. This is a sample research paper on gun control and has been proofread to make sure that the paper's arguments will be taken seriously by those who read it.

Legal Drinking Age

Another controversial issue in the United States is the limitation set on the consumption of alcohol. Currently, a citizen must be 21 years of age in order to consume and purchase alcohol. This sample essay discusses the arguments for and against the current drinking age.

Proofreading Services and Quality 

If you want to get started on your own paper, then don’t worry. We have a glossary of terms along with other writing information on creating the best academic work you will put to paper. The information covers both college and graduate school. Just remember that buying custom papers is still an option if the assignment gets rough. 

Checking for Errors

Before submitting a written class assignment or term paper for grading by a college professor, it's crucial to have it proofread for misspellings and grammatical errors. Regardless of whether your paper is short or long, and no matter if the topic is easy to understand and simple to write or challenging and complex, every word must be double-checked for unintentional mistakes, the likes of which can often escape the naked eye. Even though digital text editors are equipped with grammar correction and spell-check tools, most of these functions cannot be relied upon for 100% accuracy, especially not when small, ridiculous errors could possibly bring your paper down a grade. The only way to ensure written perfection when it truly counts is with the human skills of the proofreading experts here at Ultius.

A Fresh Eye

Small mistakes are most often missed by people who attempt proofreading on their own, because the mind's eye will typically filter out things like repeated words and missing prepositions. Often times, the mind's eye simply sees what it wants to see in a personally written text. In other words, a writer will imagine seeing the words that he or she intended to write during the readback of a text, as opposed to the words that were actually typed onto the paper. These are the kinds of mistakes that are better caught by an objective third party – someone who didn't write the text, but edits and proofreads by profession and can therefore catch mistakes that escape the eyes of the average writer. Here at Ultius, our proofreading experts have caught numerous mistakes, both major and minor, and have ultimately risen the grades on many college papers in the process.

In addition to all the fine-tuning that proofreading specialists perform on each essay here at Ultius, documents are also evaluated for coherence and readability. This is another reason to have an essay proofread, because even if your spelling is flawless, your paper won’t be ready for the professor's hands if it lacks clarity or narrative flow. Every now and then a professor will address these concerns in the syllabus to his or her course. However, not every student has a knack for writing papers. You might be taking a writing or literature class to fulfill your course requirements, or you may be enrolled in a major totally unrelated to the English department, but even your business and science professors are still likely to place high expectations on the flow, syntax and grammar of your written assignments. The proofreading service providers here at Ultius will ensure that your paper meets those expectations, regardless of your own personal skills at writing papers.

Mistakes Happen, and Ultius Will Find Them

On the other hand, you might consider yourself to be an excellent writer, and perhaps you have the good grades and accolades to show for that distinction. Nonetheless, even some of the world's most revered writers are still prone to typos, grammatical goofs and problems with flow and structure. In some cases, these writers will have the raw talent for wordsmithing, but need some outside assistance with assembling those words into narratives. In other cases, writers will simply let words flow from their fingers and leave it to their sidekicks to clean out all the bum letters. These are the reasons why editors and proofreading services exist: to help comb and refine the raw talent of gifted writers.

If proofreading is essential for journalists and authors, it's most certainly needed by writers at the collegiate level, regardless of whether you excel at writing or merely craft papers to meet your course requirements. At Ultius, we staff professional proofreading specialists to ensure that any paper you hand us will meet the standards of professors and publishers alike.

Screening Process

Here at Ultius, the excellence in our proofreading service is guaranteed by the strict screening process through which we hire our staff. Our writers and proofreaders not only excel at English as their native language; they have also handled rigorous course loads and tackled challenging written assignments in order to earn advanced degrees in everything from science and literature to economics and history. Essentially, they've been exactly where you are now, with deadlines to meet, standards to live up to and courses to complete. Having achieved all these goals with flying colors, the proofreading specialists here at Ultius wish to utilize their skills and wisdom to help you reach similar academic goals.


Ultius recognizes how today's job market is becoming evermore demanding, and how you must get good grades in order to earn a degree and land an ideal career. Regardless of your writing abilities, you'll also have to complete many written assignments throughout your various courses. Whether you need help with spelling and grammar or structure and formatting, Ultius is the best name in the business for academic proofreading services. While our competitors charge higher rates for poor work or lesser amounts simply to outsource their assignments, we here at Ultius keep all of our services reasonably priced and handled by highly educated and fully trained writing and proofreading professionals.


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