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There is an inherent conflict between the value of safety on the one hand and the value of liberty on the other, as can be seen across a wide range of issues on the contemporary American cultural scene. One such issue consists of whether schools should be allowed to put geographical tracking devices in student IDs. This is the issue that will be addressed by the present sample essay provided by Ultius. The essay will begin with a general overview of the issue. Then, it will proceed to a case study of what has occurred thus far when tracking de...
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Everyone Tweets, Links, Plus’, Likes, Follows, Circles, Retweets, and much more. The social media action verbs go on forever. But many never stop to think how they’re comments or shares shape who they are. College students bask in the images of the previous night’s walk of shame, while the fraternity’s all night beer pong contest goes viral on YouTube. This sample essay covers Richard Prince's scandal. Richard Prince's stolen Instagram art Richard Prince made headline news this year when he sold art from his collection for more than $90,000 f...
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The advent of the Internet age has been characterized by an unprecedented proliferation of communication and availability of information. However, the dark side is that such developments also raise questions pertaining to the ethical value of privacy: either through direct efforts by stakeholders to access confidential information or through simple ignorance on the part of Internet users, the enormous resources of the Internet also imply that the Internet, used improperly, could seriously threaten the right to individual privacy. The present s...
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Drug testing in the workplace is common, and is designed to ensure that all employees are positive, productive members of the team. This business writing example explores the issue of drug testing in employment and covers the importance and relevance behind this sometimes-controversial policy. Drug testing in the workplace Managers face the daunting task of assigning, coordinating, and reviewing the work of others. The very nature of being a successful manager and supporting quality operations implies the need to discover the truth about what...
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The right to privacy in the workplace is an interesting subject. On one hand, employers have a vested interest in ensuring that their resources, facilities, and money are not being used for personal or ulterior motives; on the other, employees surely can expect some level of privacy from their employers. This paper explores the debate surrounding the NSA's spying programs on citizens and focuses on employee rights to privacy in the workplace. This sample essay provides an example of why clients have provided positive reviews of Ultius services....
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The ongoing efforts to prevent future terrorist attacks have led to unfortunate increase in the violations of the right to privacy in the United States. As video surveillance in America's cities continues to expand, the question must be asked as to what the legality of these programs are. This sample essay is an insightful exploration of the ways in which American society is becoming more and more controlled and observed. Video surveillance, public spaces and privacy Considering how the commonality of video surveillance in US society continue...
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